Discounted LED Lighting Available for Lane Cove Residents

What is an Eligible Household?

To access the offer, you will need to contact an approved supplier. Suppliers may require a minimum number of lights to be upgraded to qualify for the discount.

Approved Residential Suppliers for the Lane Cove Council Area


Green Home Green Planet


Ensure you receive a quote with the lighting discount clearly displayed by the supplier before authorising work.  The supplier will assess your requirements and will either give you a quote over the phone or by a home visit.

This offer is only a discounted rate you will be responsible for a minimum payment of $33.  If you have numerous lights you may need to pay more.  As with any home maintenance job, it’s a good idea to get at least two quotes.   You will more likely be charged just the $33 if you are only having globes replaced.  Some suppliers also advise that at the same time it is a good idea to upgrade the wiring and fittings which means their costs might be higher.
If your supplier can’t answer your questions, contact  [email protected].

How will this help my household?

Switching to LEDs will help you reduce your energy consumption. This means you can expect to see long-term cost savings on your bills.

For example, if you change 20 halogen downlights, to LED downlights, you can save up to $210 a year on energy costs.

Other benefits include reduced maintenance, because LEDs last longer than other bulbs, and lowering your environmental impact.


Your preferred supplier will send a licensed electrician to install the new lights.

Old light globes, or any other equipment that is removed or replaced, will be recycled or disposed of by the supplier. This is to ensure that old, inefficient equipment is not used anywhere else.

Small Business

This offer is open to residents and small business.  Read more here.

Door To Door Salespeople

In March this year, ITC was contacted by a few roving reporters who were concerned about door to door salespeople offering the LED replacement service.   The NSW Government website states:

Suppliers may use door knockers or telemarketers to promote their services.  You do not have to let anyone into your house if you do not want to.  You should always ask to see the identification of anyone that contacts you about performing work in your home. Identification information should include the person’s name, the name of the accredited business they work with and the business address.

For further information read more here

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