Possum Causes Power Outage In Lane Cove

On 18th July 2300 homes in the Lane Cove Council area were without power.

ITC asked Ausgrid to explain the reason for the blackout.  Ausgrid advised ITC that a possum contacted 11 kV wires.  The pole was located on River Road West near Tambourine Bay Road.

ITC has been keeping a track of power outages in the Lane Cove Council area since January 2017.  Here are the reasons provided for the outages.

Date of Power Outage Reason
11th  Jan 2017 Wildlife Touching Terminals on Transformer
8th March 2017 Flying Fox hitting Wires
16th March 2017 Underground Cable Fault
17th March 2017 Tree on Powerlines
10th July 2017 Overhead Power Line Damage
18th July 2017 Bat flew into wires
14th February 2018 High Winds and Tree on Powerlines
18th May 2018 Bat flew into wires
18th July 2018 Possum hit wires


We love living in leafy lane cove but it does mean we will have power outages due to wildlife.


According to Ausgrid almost half of all outages on the Ausgrid network are caused by external factors such as trees and branches falling on powerlines, lightning strikes and wind damage during storms, wildlife contacting powerlines, cars hitting power poles and vandalism of equipment.  


If you notice that trees are close to powerlines you can take the following actions.

If you see a dangerous branch or tree, that is not on private property, you can report it to the Lane Cove Council. Lane Cove Council has a very conservative approach to trees and have developed Tree Preservation Regulatory Controls which aim to retain as many healthy trees as possible.

The general rule of thumb is that if the street tree is on public property and its branches overhang powerlines or the tree is located within 3 metres of power lines then Ausgrid is responsible for determining if it requires trimming or removal. Only Ausgrid’s authorised contractors are allowed to remove trees or branches near live wires and they will be required to respond in the first instance, prior to Council. To report street tree maintenance near power lines you can complete the reporting form on Ausgrid’s website www.ausgrid.com.au/treetrimming.

In the case of an emergency involving power lines do not fill out the online form – instead, contact Ausgrid immediately on 13 13 88.

An easy way to report most of the above issues is Snap Send Solve – This app is designed to help you quickly and easily report issues to local government. Take a picture of the problem, upload it with the app and it is sent to the relevant local council using GPS data.

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