Lane Cove Council – Boat Trailer Parking Limits

From 1 September 2017 Lane Cove Council has be permitted to take action to impound boat trailers parked continuously on a street for more than 28 days. This is different to the previous law which only permitted rangers to impound a vehicle or a trailer where the ranger was of the view, on reasonable grounds, that the boat or trailer has been abandoned or left unattended.

The 28-day relocation/moving provision is intended to ensure that boat owners return to their on-street parked boat and trailer at least monthly so as to check on its condition, and acts as a disincentive to persons residing outside the local area. It is believed that if someone has to move their boat every 28 days they are more likely to park their boat near their place of residence.

The Lane Cove Council sought community comments on the new legislation. Community consultation included public notices on community notice boards, in the Library as well as in the North Shore Times, Council’s website and e-news, together with direct mail to boating associations and sailing clubs and the Greenwich Community Association, was undertaken over a 6 week period to ensure that information regarding this matter was widely communicated.

At the conclusion of the 42 day consultation period, 116 responses were received. 66% of respondents supported Council’s intention to implement the Act, whilst 34 % objected to the proposal.

The Council undertook Boat Trailer Audit in the Lane Cove Council area  and 90 boat trailers were observed (note this audit was undertaken during the July 2017 School Holidays):

 Summary of Boat Trailer Audit Results

Total Number of Boat Trailers Observed in Lane Cove LGA 90
Registered to a Lane Cove LGA address 52
Registered to an address in another LGA 27
Abandoned /cancelled registrations – action pending 11


A council report concluded:

Each year, Council receives approximately 360 complaints in relation to abandoned/nuisance vehicles. These complaints can include concerns about damaged or stolen cars, trailers and boat trailers being parked outside a person’s home or business, with the majority being related to  traffic safety concerns i.e where the boat is parked in proximity of a driveway or in a narrow street or where parking is limited. Where Council issues an Impounding Notice, less than 10% of these matters require further intervention, as the owners make arrangements to have the vehicle/trailer removed.

Whilst the number of boat trailers in Lane Cove at this time is relatively small by comparison with other LGA’s, as a result of the surrounding Councils having adopted the Act, the number of boat trailers that may be parked in the LGA may increase significantly over time as boat owners become aware of current provisions.

Whilst Council received submissions from residents who are boat owners, who had concerns about the adoption of the Act, Council’s Rangers apply a courteous and practical approach to enforcement of such matters and would work to ensure that a balance is achieved between application of the Act and the context of where a boat trailer is parked.

If you own a boat and you park it in Lane Cove you can read more about how the legislation  here.  Residents are permitted to park on their street if they have a residential parking permit – however NOT all streets in Lane Cove have a residential parking permit plan. To find out more about parking permits click here.


ITC did see one boat that is constantly parked in the one location all of a sudden being wrapped in blue plastic – is this one way to hide the registration details and thus thwart any enforcement action?

You may have noticed since the introduction of the laws, white notices have been placed on boats that have not moved for 28 days.  This has resulted in the boats being moved.  It also means that people who lived outside the Lane Cove local area are not leaving their boats unattended in Lane Cove for months.

An easy way to report any issue to Lane Cove Council is via Snap Send Solve – This app is designed to help you quickly and easily report issues to local government. Take a picture of the problem, upload it with the app and it is sent to the relevant local council using GPS data.  This mechanism can  be used where a boat trailer might be parked to close to your driveway or is making it difficult to see traffic when you are entering or exiting your driveway.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help, just email us at [email protected]

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