Meet A Very Creative Lane Cove Local – Anne Marie Cummins

Anne Marie Cummins is a Lane Cove local and a very talented creative director and founder of Food To Film.   Anne Marie has 20 years of experience as a creative director, producer, designer and publisher.   We asked Anne Marie to tell us a little bit about what she does.


What is Food to Film?

Food to Film is a video and photography production agency. Kind of a hybrid of advertising and production as we concept and produce social media stories, photography and videos. Our services also include graphic design, content creation, social media strategy and facebook ads.

What is a Creative Director?

This is a question I get a lot. A Creative Director is a visionary who can visually communicate, plan and lead a team to develop a strategic vision for a brand. They usually have a level of expertise and work in advertising, publishing or film and may also be called art directors. In my case, I specialise in the food and beverage area. I develop a brands concept and then work with video and photography teams to produce marketing or social media content for food, drink and lifestyle brands.

What was your first Creative Director Role?

My first creative director role was for Girlfriend magazine. I was in my mid 20’s so pretty young to be a creative director and I have assumed the role ever since! I then moved from fashion to food and lifestyle magazines later on.

What has been one of your Favourite Campaigns?

In 2017, I really enjoyed working with the Foxtel Lifestyle team to produce a series of social media videos to promote the Great Australian Bake Off which went live in February this year. Working alongside Maggie Beer and Matt Moran on the TV commercial was lots of fun.

We started by developing an incredible Iced Vovo cake. I sketched it up (see pic below) and then employed a baker to create a recipe which embraced all things about baking. It was lots of fun playing with flavours, textures, colour and layers.

We then produced a series of foodporn videos for the Great Australian Bake Off which you can find on the Food to Film vimeo account.



What’s Your Favourite Food to Film?

I definitely enjoy shooting cakes and baked goods. Which is probably why we have clients like Queen Fine Foods and Dr.Oetker.


What is Your Favourite Thing to Cook?

I like to make my red velvet cake for family and friends as people often say it’s the best cake they have ever had. Just click on this link to grab the recipe.

What Are You Working on Now?

We love working with our clients and developing new and exciting ways to showcase their brands on social media and in turn sell product. With so much knowledge and experience, the logical next step is to teach and advise people on how to have a designer brand. So we will soon be launching Food to Film School, helping food businesses taking their brand from zero to hero.  The school will cover topics such as, creating food videos, how to increase your social media presence and how to rock a designer instagram account. If anyone would like further information about the school, they can join the Facebook group or just drop us an email.

Thanks so much to Anne Marie for telling us about her creative director role.  ITC would love a job where she is surrounded by food all day (particularly if someone else is baking it).  We dare you to watch the Food To Film video below without running to the shops to buy some scones!!

If you love all things food, ITC highly recommends you follow Food To Film on their Facebook Page and Instagram Page.
Photography credits: Brett Stevens; Strecker and Dahl; Noel McLaughlin; Ben Dearnley and John Paul Urizar.

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