Police Charge Lilyfield Man in relation to “Brazen” Lane Cove West Thefts

The North Shore Police Area Command have charged a 39 year old Lilyfield man with a string of offences relating to incidents in Lane Cove West in June 2018.  Police have described the incidents as brazen.

It’s alleged that, mid morning on 5th June, a man approached a home on Cope Street, Lane Cove West and proceeded to kick in the front door of the property forcing the door from its hinges. These actions were captured on CCTV. The man has then made his way through the home taking a large amount of jewellery and other items belonging to the home owner totalling more than $33,000.

After exiting the Cope Street house, the man made his way to nearby Lihon Street where  police will allege he forced his way into the Lihon Street home, taking more than $15,000 worth of jewellery and property.

It did not take long for the man to reappear as police will allege that in the afternoon, on the same day, the man visited a pawn shop on George Street, Sydney and pawned several items taken from the Lane Cove properties. As part of the pawn process the male provided the pawn shop with identity documents with his name and address details.

The formal charges are 2 counts of aggravated break and enter in company, 1 count of entering a building with intent to commit an indictable offence and 1 count of making a statement which is false.

In June, the North Shore Local Area Command posted on their Facebook Page that most break and enter incidents in the North Shore LAC area were occurring through an unlocked Ground floor and 1st Floor open windows or doors.

Many of the Break and Enter incidents reported to ITC do involve access via an unlocked door and window.  It’s interesting to note that these incidents don’t necessarily happen because people have forgotten to lock up when they leave home, in many cases, residents are actually in the house at the time of the break-in.

Do not get lulled into a false sense of security because you live in an upper-level apartment or you only leave the second-floor window open at your house.  Intruders will scale trees, retaining walls or mailboxes to gain access.  Don’t leave ladders lying around outside your house, as this is an invitation to an intruder to use the ladder to gain access.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) 2015–16 National Crime Victimisation Survey, money and jewellery are most often stolen in break-ins.  ITC would add IPhones, IPads, laptops and car keys (so they can take your car) to this list.

In this same survey, crime victims advised that a door or window was damaged or tampered with during the attempted break-in.  It might be time to look into installing solid core door, shutters or grills to prevent burglars from breaking in through windows.

It’s also time to check if your screen doors are secure.  Many screen doors (particularly in older style apartments/houses are quite flimsy).  ITC received a report of an intruder cutting a flimsy screen door mesh so they could unlock the screen door.

This incident also shows the benefit of CCTV.  The cost of installing CCTV has dramatically reduced with advances in technology.  Alert Locks and Locksmiths are located in Lane Cove West business park, you might want to talk to them about CCTV and other security devices.

In June there was also a wave of car break ins and malicious damage to cars.  Read more here.


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