Lane Cove Businesses are Struggling

Since the start of the Rosenthal Carpark Development, Lane Cove Village shops are struggling.  Some operators are down as much as 50% year on year takings.  It is impacting shops and service providers.  Many people are reluctant to book in for massages, hairdressing appointments or other services as they struggle to find a carpark.

The removal of the boomgate was a necessary step by the Lane Cove Council due to the number of malfunctions.  Anecdotally people are telling ITC this has resulted in people parking their car in the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park all day. The Lane Cove Council disputes this saying that there are the same number of arrivals and departures and turnover before and after the boomgate removal.  Outside school holiday periods it is difficult to find a park in Lane Cove Market Square.

This week the Lane Cove Council is putting in another exit to the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park.  The purpose of this exit is to ensure if one boomgate malfunctions, cars will still be able to exit through another exit point.

Last week Hudson’s meats closed in Lane Cove Market Square.  Last month Ecodownunder closed.  Other retailers have their business on the market as they struggle to pay rent.

We may have some new restaurants, but how long will they last as lunchtime trade has low foot traffic.

One Lane Cove trader wrote to the Lane Cove Council and asked them to take steps to revitalise shopping in Lane Cove Village.  This is an extract from their letter to the Lane Cove Council

I am greatly concerned with the low foot traffic coming though Lane Cove. I have done my best to keep my business turning over, however we are down compared to the recent years and the shop owners are now really finding it tough. So much so that they are really opening up and telling each other how much they are down by compared to last year. It was estimated they were down 10-30% but after speaking to some of the food and café shops over the last week, many are down 50%. I am not trying to cause drama. These people have come to me asking how business is going and letting me know how they are. It’s truly frightening. As a business coach and international sales trainer over the past decade, I know the horrible pressure this brings to business owners and effects their personal life, relationships, they lose their assets such as their home, and it effects their mental health and some have really serious bouts of depression.

What can be done?

A local business person has suggested the following steps to revitalise trade in Lane Cove Village

  • More information to locals about parking ideas
  • Lunch time music in plaza
  • Jazz in the plaza
  • Wine tasting in the plaza
  • DJ in the plaza (lounge / soul beats)
  • Free face painting in plaza on Fridays 10-1pm and 3-5pm
  • More opportunities to get tasks forces together to get local business working together – we all have data bases we need to be using them.
  • Lane Cove Beauty Fair – stalls and talks in the marketing place showcasing the best skin care and hair tips for summer plus tanning and nails
  • Lane Cove Health Fair – stalls of fitness, physios, chiros, dentists, health food shops and juice bars and talks in the plaza
  • Lane Cove Fashion Fair – get the clothes, shoes and kids shops to collaborate for a fashion show (maybe with the wine tasting too)

What do you think?  Would this make you come up to Lane Cove Village to shop?  If not what would make you shop in the Village?  Do you know when an event is on in Lane Cove Plaza?  Does the Lane Cove Council promote the events sufficiently?

Lane Cove Shopping Day/Night

On Friday 26th October 2018 Lane Cove Council will be holding the Shop Local Lane Cove day.  Retailers will be offering once a year specials.

Please come up to Lane cove that day and show your support for local businesses.  Grab some pals and have lunch or dinner.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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