Lane Cove Market Square Car Park – New Payment System

    The Boomgate era at Lane Cove Market Square (aka the Woolies Carpark) has gone and now we have the ticketless parking system with two exit lanes in operation.    The ticketless system relies on number plate recognition.  This car park is operated by Lane Cove Council and not Woolworths.

    From today, this is how it all works.

    What is the free time period before I have to pay?

    You can park in the carpark for 3 hours free.  Once you exceed 3 hours you will be charged.  The 3 hours is calculated by number plate recognition from the time you enter the car park to the time you leave the car park.  Always allow time to exit the car park.  Delays leaving the car park occur when the Trolley Tractor is parked in front of your car or someone is blocking you from leaving your spot as they are waiting for another driver to vacate their car spot.

    If you think you are close to the three hour period, check how long you have been parked at the pay stations before you go to your car.

    The free 3 hour parking is per visit, not per day. If the car re-enters within 60 minutes of exiting, time will accumulate.  If the car re-enters more than 1 hour after it exited it will be classified as a separate visit period and you qualify for another 3 hour free period.

    If you drive into the car park after 6pm, parking is free.   However if you enter at 5.55 pm (or any other time close to 6 pm) and stay more than three hours you will be charged for parking.

    How do I pay if I exceed 3 hours?

    You pay at the pay station located in the Lane Cove Market Square lift foyers  on Level P1 and P2.  If you are parked on P3 or forget to pay you can pay at the exit gate using the orange Pay Lane.

    Pay Station On P1 and P2
    Pay Station at Exit Point Orange Lane

    Which Lane Should I use to exit?

    Express Lane – under three hours or already paid at a pay machine (the green lane)

    Pay Lane – stayed three hours or more and forgot to pay at a pay machine or think you are close to the three hour period (the orange lane).   A good practice is to always exit via the Orange Lane if you think you have exceed the 3 hour free period.  See photo above you will be informed if you need to pay.

    What are the parking fees?

    0 – 3  Hours or after 6pm FREE

    3 – 4 Hours of part thereof $7.00

    4 – 5 Hours or part thereof $17.00

    5 – 6  Hours of part there of $24.00

    Over 6 hours, multiple entries per day $45

    What happens if I don’t pay?

    If you don’t pay you will be fined.  It is a monetary fine only and no loss of points.

    Pay Station at Exit

    What about the car parking spaces after the exit point?

    If you find a spot after the carpark exit point, you must still pay if you exceed 3 hours.  This is a Lane Cove Council carpark and the tyres can be marked by rangers to record time (the old fashioned method).  Eventually these spots will be monitored by cameras as well.

    Why have the changes been made?

    The community and Lane Cove Council experienced frustrations with the delays caused when issues occurred with the single-exit boomgate malfunctioning. Delays at this boomgate were further compounded at peak times and due to the high turnover of the car park. Market Square turns over more than 10 times its capacity on a daily basis which by industry standards is very high.

    Helpful Tips

    • After you park. take a screenshot of your phone home page (bearing in mind that that this is not entirely accurate as time starts ticking as soon as you enter the carpark).  However will have an idea of the time you entered the carpark;
    • Set the alarm on your phone for 15 minutes before the 3 hour free time limit applies;
    • Check the duration of stay at pay machines on P1 and P2 before you exit the Lane Cove Market Square lift foyer;
    • Delays in exiting are more likely during peak times (morning and afternoon school drop-offs). It is recommended that you leave sufficient time to exit the car park at these times.
    • If you are visiting the village at night and park in the car park you will have to pay if you stay longer than 3 hours if you enter the car park before 6.00 pm
    • Always exit via the orange pay lane if you think you are close to the 3 hour free period (particularly when a delay in exiting occurs). You can check on the pay machine if you have to pay.

    Other Local Parking Options

    The Little Street Car Park is located near the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.  There is easy access to Longueville Road (just use the lift located in 102 – 104 Longueville Road).  See the dotted gold line from the Little Street Carpark below. So no walking up hills.

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