Surviving the Silly Season

healthy christmas

Our Health and Wellness bloggers,  Body Fusion are back, and they have some good suggestions for you during Christmas and New Year.

healthy christmas

Surviving the Silly Season

So it comes January 1st and you’re trying hard to make your body look nice and fit into that stylish new bikini that you were given for Christmas or squeeze into those summer shorts which seem to have mysteriously “shrunk in the wash”. Want to prevent this happening to you during the silly season? Read on…

With the end of the year quickly approaching, school, university or work are beginning to wrap up, and we are all preparing to celebrate the festive season!! During this busy time the number of social events begins to double or triple (as do the glasses of wine!) and we quickly find ourselves prioritising a catch-up with friends and family. Often our exercise routine and healthy eating habits go straight out the chimney and we’re left with a bit of a Santa belly come January.

Why is this a hard time to eat well?

  • We often mindlessly eat whilst having a chat
  • We feel socially obliged to eat particular (party) foods and drink
  • We simply eat and drink too much
  • We justify the festive season as an excuse to eat whatever we like!

Smart solutions

Be organised:

  • Take a healthy plate of something to your Christmas party.
  • Have a snack before you go so you don’t turn up ravenously hungry and devour a plate of mince pies as soon as you arrive – e.g 2 grainy ryvitas + hummus and tomato.
  • Plan your exercise at the beginning of the week around social events, grab a friend to make it fun and keep you committed!

Be mindful:

  • Eat slowly and savour your food. Focus on the wonderful flavours and texture of what you are eating.
  • Choose foods you LOVE over the foods only LIKE.
  • Fill your plate once! Our stomachs aren’t great at remembering how much food has been eaten.

You don’t have to people please: Don’t feel pressured! You can have as much as you want. After a couple of drinks no one will care (or realise). It only takes 2-3 mouthfuls to taste something so have a sliver of dessert or unhealthy options rather than a huge slice/amount. Give someone a hug to show your love instead of through food!

Go easy on the alcohol: Alcohol is energy dense, did you know that just 2 glasses of wine = 3 slices of bread?!

Have an alcohol plan: start with a big glass of mineral water to hydrate and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or mineral water/soda. Politely decline top ups as you will find it hard to count how many you have had. If all that fails, offer to drive so you know you have a limit!

xmas fruit tree

Smart swaps

Not so good A better choice
Cheese, water crackers & chips Vitaweet crackers & cut up veggies with low fat hummus & tzaktiki
Mini meat pies & sausage rolls Rice paper rolls or sushi
Small chipolata sausages Garlic prawns
Potato or pasta bake Baked beetroot or pumpkin wih herbs
Potato salad Homemade coleslaw + yoghurt dressing
Turkey with skin and gravy Turkey with no skin and cranberry
Pork and crackling Smoked Ham
Fruit cake & custard Pavlova with fresh fruit
Chocolate cake & cream Apple crumble with low fat icecream
Mini mince pies Fresh cherries + low fat custard


Good luck to all and a very merry Christmas season.

(We’ll be taking any calls of despair in the New Year!)


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