Last Swim in Lane Cove’s 50m Outdoor Pool this Sunday

Last week ITC reported the Lane Cove 50m outdoor Lane Cove pool was scheduled to close on 30th April 2019 (after the summer season and school carnivals). Due to urgent safety concerns the 50m pool will be closed from Monday 17 December 2018.  This Sunday is your last chance to have a swim in the outdoor pool.  Lane Cove Residents have been asking many questions about why the pool is closing before the summer season.  Here is the rundown.

Why is the Pool Closing Before the Summer Season?

The Pool was opened in 1961 and was not upgraded when the new indoor pools were opened. A concrete pool of this age will eventually need replacing. Since 2017, Lane Cove Council has been conducting structural inspections of the 50m Pool at six monthly intervals.

In  June 2018, the Lane Cove Council knew the “end was near” and budgeted in their 2018/2019 budget for the replacement of the 50 m pool and grandstand in 2019/20. This work was due to start after the Rosenthal Car Park Redevelopment had finished.

Recently the Lane Cove Council started weekly structural integrity tests after more cracks were discovered in the Pottery Green end of the Pool.

This week, two different structural engineering firms and and the Lane Cove Council’s internal engineer observed a rapid decline in the structural integrity of the pool and deemed the pool not safe for public use. Adverse weather conditions including drought and heavy rains accelerated the pool’s decline with changes moving from weekly to daily occurrences.   The ground below the pool is shifting due to water leakage from the cracks.

Part of the pool’s water supply will be drained in mid December to ensure the area can be stabilised before the Christmas holidays.

What is the Lane Cove Council’s Doing to Replace the 50 Pool ASAP?

ITC was advised by Lane Cove Council that 50m Pool replacement project is high priority. An external Project Manager has already been appointed to oversee the project.

When will the new 50m Pool Open?

ITC was advised by the Lane Cove Council that a projected opening date has not been set. The project’s completion is dependent on the availability of experienced Olympic Pool experts. As this is a specialist task, timings will remain unclear until the New Year when Lane Cove Council seeks tenders for the project from experts in Olympic Pool construction.  A project timetable will be prepared after the tender process has been completed.

Will the Community Be Able to Provide Feedback on the New Pool Design?

Lane Cove Council has already commenced conversations with some regular pool users to understand what they would like to see in the future ie. the Lane Cove Swim Club.
The Lane Cove community can provide feedback online via the following link.
Already some people have requested consideration be given to designing a pool which would enable people to play water polo and diving facilities.

I have Purchased an Outdoor Pool Pass – Will I Be Refunded?

Yes, email Bluefit with you Pass Details and they will contact you.

Lane Cove Council is Seeking memories of Lane Cove Pool

Do you have a photograph or special memory of life at the 50m outdoor pool at the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre? With over 60 years of service to the Lane Cove community the pool has been a big part of the local area for generations.
If you have a photograph, anecdote or special memory you would like to share with Council please email [email protected] with Pool Memories in the header. This information will help form part of a future celebration piece to mark the end of an era for the current 50m outdoor pool.
Many ITC followers grew up in Lane Cove and still live in Lane Cove.  The tiles that are on the low retaining wall near the outdoor pool were painted by Lane Cove school children and ITC has contacted the Lane Cove Council to see if those memories can be saved.
If you would like to know more about the history of the Lane Cove Pool read our article here.
Our cover photo picture was taken last week.  The sign is now out of date.

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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