Lane Cove Do You Want Active and Confident Kids?

Do you have a child who spends most of the time on their electronic devices taking their Snapchat streaks, watching Youtube videos and binge watching Netflix?  What can you do to encourage your teen to more active, happy and confident?  ITC has a great idea and it’s called Empower360 Fitness.

Teen Bootcamp

Social media is flooded with photoshopped models, profile pics and posts. Plus, faked before and after ‘transformation’ shots and the avalanche of ‘gym selfies’ are leaving teens confused, demotivated, deflated, with their self-confidence and body image in tatters. You only need to search #fitspo to see the unrealistic body ideal our teens feel they need to live up to today.  Empower360 Fitness aims to change that with their bootcamps at Blackman Park.

Their Teen Bootcamp sessions, conducted at Blackman Park offer teens and pre-teens aged 10 – 18 years the opportunity to get outdoors and be more active, whilst encouraging them to feel more confident in a safe supportive environment. They focus on the fun, with game-based fitness programs that celebrate what young people’s bodies can do instead of how they look, leaving kids happy, active and brimming with confidence.

Members of Empower360 Teen Bootcamp having fun at Blackman Park

Founder and mum to two young girls, Kate Hickey says

“Growing up I always hated my body, I did lots of ballet but was really muscular so I didn’t fit the ideal of what a dancer should look like. I didn’t have a positive influence or mentor in my life to show me just how truly amazing my body was and what it was capable of. Nowadays there is even more to negatively influence a teens self-confidence and self-perception. I feel like they have so much to contend with in terms of the unrealistic body ideal for both males and females. I just want to be able to offer teens the support and guidance relating to health, fitness and body image that I never had growing up. So that they can feel confident and learn to love their bodies for all the incredible things it can achieve”

Empower360 Fitness Founder Kate Hickey

Check out their social accounts and you’ll see Kate is really living up to her promise. Empower360 Fitness’ Instagram account is the go-to place for a teen’s daily dose of real fitness inspo (not #fitspo), free workouts and sensible, easy to follow nutrition advice, all with a hefty dose of body positivity.

Empower360 Fitness Instagram healthy ‘takeaway’ breakfast idea! Delicious choc chia pods.

What Parents Are Saying about Empower360 Fitness

Parents have been raving about the program, saying

Both my teenage daughters can’t wait for Kate’s Fitness Teen Bootcamp.
It’s warms my heart knowing my daughters have such an inspiring role model in their lives, keeping fitness so fun and encouraging them to be empowered young women. Kate is setting up such a powerful foundation for teens to feel great about themselves! She has an infectious sense of fun, and her dedication to empowering my daughters through fitness and mindset is priceless!”

But it’s not just for girls. Lots of guys attend the sessions. Here’s what one mum has to say:

“When my daughter started BootCamp with Kate, Ben used to come with me to pick her up. As he watched the team go through various totally fun exercises, he begged me to join him up. So Thursdays are awaited for with much excitement from both kids. Recently I have been asked by parents and other students about Ben’s upper core strength, I proudly tell them that Ben does weekly BootCamp with Kate.  Since joining Teen BootCamp, Ben not only has gained amazing body strength, but body confidence & head clarity to name a few of the benefits.  It’s great to see him have such pride in himself as he goes from strength to strength each week in his personal achievements.It’s also wonderful to see the team of kids encouraging each other when they achieve personal milestones. Both my kids are keen continue on each new term and beyond as they have come to realise that a healthy body and mind are so important on their life journey.”

Another Fun Empower360 Fitness Session at Blackman Park

Sessions are conducted at Blackman Park and Boronia Park during school terms.

Active Kids Provider

Empower360 Fitness is also an Active Kids Provider, which means that with your $100 voucher, a full 10 week term of Teen Bootcamp is only $5 a week. For more info on the Active Kids program click here.

8 Week Online Fitness Course

If you can’t get to one of Empower360’s outdoor sessions, they also have an online 8 Week Teen Fitness Challenge that teens can do anywhere in their own time.

The Empower360 Teen Fitness Challenge is a holistic Fitness, Nutrition and Body Confidence program that is designed specifically for teenagers. There is are no weigh-ins, measuring or calorie counting. The program focuses on what a participants’ body can achieve and how they feel about themselves as the measure of success, not what they weigh or how they look. The Empower360 Teen Fitness Challenge runs over 8 weeks and offers simple, easy to follow workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime and a radical new approach to food and eating – not dieting. Beautiful Minds, Australia’s leading educator in self-esteem and confidence programs for teens provide some down to earth, no nonsense advice on how to start really loving your body.

For teens with a specific fitness goal or wanting a more personalised program, Empower360 Fitness also provides 1:1 Personal Training.

Whether they train online or in person, the Empower360 programs will give teens the tools they need to develop a lifelong, healthy relationship with themselves, exercise and nutrition.

Contact Details

Phone:  Kate on 0403 964 075
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @empower360fitness
Instagram: @empower360fitness

For bootcamp session times or more information on any of Empower360’s fitness programs, head to their website or call Kate.

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