Lane Cove Local – Kasia Jacquot Embroidery Expert

We would like to introduce you to a talented Lane Cove Creative, Kasia Jacquot.

Kasia is an embroidery artist, teacher and designer of patterns. She has a knack for making creative things with her hands. She holds embroidery workshops. Her greatest passion and what’s at the heart of her work is showing others that they can make beautiful embroideries without frustration or spending dozens of hours labouring over a tiny design. You can enjoy slow work, finish your projects and enjoy them in your home or gift them to people you love. Nothing is complicated, you don’t need patience or hours a day.

Kasia is also an amazing painter. Some of Kasia’s artwork is now part of the Lane Cove artscape. She has painted table tennis tables and traffic signal boxes.

Her traffic signal box “In Full Bloom” was created because: “Flowers and floral designs have long featured as main elements of Eastern European folk arts. The stylized and symmetrical design of the Azaleas in my design is a reflection of the flowers that bloom along Epping Road, welcoming spring, residents, and passers-by.”

ITC thought we would tell you more about Kasia.

Tell ITC about Kasia Jacquot Emboridery?

I was very fortunate that my passion for embroidery is part of the revival wave of handcrafts that is sweeping the world. I never thought I could run this as a business but slowly I was being asked to teach here and there. And now this is my full-time job.  I ran my first embroidery class in Lane Cove.

My business allows me to travel and take my work with me. I love the mobility. Of course, I adore the actual design and making, I love stitching. It’s so relaxing and I’m blessed that this is actually my job. I also dearly love the satisfaction that I see when students realise, they can stitch! It’s such a joy to see someone being pleased with what their hands have made and often they’re surprised! Actually, that would have to be my favourite part, that happiness and inspiration and desire to create more.

What Are Your Tips For Becoming a Successful Crafter?

Embroidery is not just about stitches and fabric. In fact, that’s secondary.

Here are my 9 pillars of successful crafting that I live by:

  • Make less but better.
  • Honour the things you own, take care of your tools, buy quality. Your tools are your helpers, respect them.
  • Use embroidery time wisely. Do not waste it on negative thinking or idle mind chatter. Stitch with a mantra, practice breathing calmly or imagine beautiful things. Your project will be imbued with whatever energy you felt while you were stitching.
  • Art is utilitarian because it brings happiness to the spaces we occupy and thus improves lives. This is an important reason to create.
  • Clutter and mess are counterproductive. Clean out regularly.
  • Do not keep finished work hidden away. If it is finished use it, gift it or sell it. Let it live.
  • Lovingly allow ‘imperfections’. Crooked lines and uneven edges are the distinction between a machine and a human.
  • Seek perfection only in attitude. If you are bored, impatient, or frustrated, deeply examine your own expectations and motivation. Embroidery in and of itself does not come with built in meaning. The meaning you put in is the experience you get back.
  • Do not delay any creativity. One day you will look back and wish you made the thing you thought you couldn’t make.

How Long Have You Lived in Lane Cove?

Lane Cove is the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life. This is also where I met my wonderful partner. I lived without a car for two years during the hardest time in my life and living in Lane Cove made it super easy because everything is accessible.

The Lane Cove ambos came to our house twice, once for my daughter who was having an asthma attack and once for my son when he got burned. They were absolute angels.

Synergy Youth Centre near Lane Cove Pool is an absolute godsend and they have been our extended family for the last 4 years now.

Currambena was our beloved school while my kids were little. It was as much a place for me as it was for them. An amazing family community.

How Can Lane Cove Be Improved?

If you look hard enough you can find something wrong with every place in the world, including our own homes and our own heads. Lane Cove is constantly improving, I love it as it is. Sure, we can start picking at this and that but it’s always in flux. At the moment there’s a bit of ugly construction going on but soon we’ll have a beautiful new green space and new shops. And yeah there’s all these new apartment blocks but that means there’ll be more lucky people to enjoy living here.

Where Do You Buy Your Coffee in Lane Cove?

Birdwood Cafe of course, like every single other person on the planet, right?

Find out more about Kasia and her Embroidery

Visit Her Online Embroidery Shop
Pop in to the shop to see what’s available today. PDF patterns, online classes (coming soon) and limited-edition kits that include high grade linen, threads, needles and beautiful instructions are all waiting for you to browse through and to get stuck into a project.

Go to a Workshop
Check out Kasia’s workshops and get togethers in store for 2019. If you’re have friends in Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle or Berry tell them Kasia will be there teaching this year.

Contact Details

Facebook: @kasiajacquotembroidery
Instagram: @ kasiajacquotembroidery

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