Beware of a Roof Scam in Lane Cove

    North Shore Police are urging residents to let people know about a roofing repairs scam that has hit the North Shore (two incidents in Lane Cove).

    Fake Tradies knock on a homeowner’s door and advise the resident their home needs urgent roof repairs.  One of the tradies climbs up on the roof, while the other occupies the homeowner, and remove tiles.  The tradie then take photos of the “roof repairs”.  In some cases they have already been on the roof before they knock on the homeowner’s door.  See our cover photo above – this photo was shown to one resident.

    After the tradie climbs down from the roof, they show photos to the homeowner to convince them their roof tiles need replacing and the work must be done urgently.

    The tradies have either an English or Irish accident and are very chatty and convincing. In one case they convinced a Lane Cove homeowner they need to be paid before they start the roof repairs.  They even drove the homeowner to the bank to withdraw cash.  They usually start with asking for a small payment ($2000).  Once they start the “repairs”, they  advise the homeowner that the problem is much worse and ask for more money. Luckily the homeowner mentioned above lived next door to neighbours who were suspicious and called the North Shore Local Command.  The tradies fled before the police arrived.

    If you have or know an elderly resident, living on their own in Lane Cove, let them know that fake tradies are out and about. A genuine tradesperson would not canvass for work in this manner.

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