Watch Out Buses About on Longueville Road

On Saturday 27th April 2019 a person opened their door on Longueville Road and hit a bus. This is not the first time this has happened.


On 7th March 2018, ITC’s phone went off with people asking why there were 7 Police Cars, 2 Ambulances and a Fire Truck blocking Longueville Road.   ITC investigated and about 10 minutes later the road was clear.  The emergency services had responded to reports of a bus accident on Longueville Road.  There was an accident, but only a minor one.  A Bus had taken the front door of a motor vehicle parked on Longueville Road (near the dogleg).

This is not an isolated incident.  Apparently, a week before this accident another car door was taken off by a bus.  One ITC Facebook follower told us that he was on a bus driving down Longueville Road about a month ago and a car door was taken off.

Be very careful parking along Longueville Road, if you park too far away from the curb, like the cars in our cover photo, you do run the risk of having your car hit by a bus.  Be also very careful when opening your car door.  If your door is hit when it is open, this type of accident is called dooring.  The car driver is usually at fault, but if they can prove that the door was open when the accident occurred the other driver will be at fault.

If you really want to be careful when opening a car door around traffic, try the Dutch Reach.  This involves opening the car door by reaching across the body with the hand that is further away from the handle – the opposite to the hand you’d usually open the door with. This simple change forces you to look over your shoulder as you open the door, making you more aware of any approaching cyclists.

So watch out buses about.

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