Lane Cove Local Entrepreneur – Helping with Joint Pain Relief for Dogs


ITC met with Will Godfrey who told us about Mobility DC.  Will does not want dog owners to mistake joint pain for old age in you or your dog…

Toby the Dachshund

Toby is a much loved 12 year old Dachshund from Sydney, Australia. He began to slow down when he turned 9, and his owners understandably attributed this to old age. Over the next 3 years, Toby struggled more and more with daily life. “Up until 3 months ago, he had to be carried up and down the stairs and no longer enjoyed his daily walks”, Toby’s owner reported. “Looking back, the warning signs were there. He became slower and slower on walks, had struggled to rise, was less engaged in play, and was unable to get in and out of the car”.

Dogs are masters at masking pain. Many owners will mistake joint pain for the “inevitable” signs of ageing in their pet.

“We tried a few different supplements for Toby and eventually found Mobility DC. Toby is like a new dog. He was virtually immobile and is now free of pain. He is playful and happy and loves going to the park. The change has been unbelievable”.

Toby’s owners filmed him before and after Mobility DC. See Toby’s transformation here:


Developed in Germany, Mobility DC is an effective and all-natural supplement for joint pain and inflammation in dogs. 

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