Join the June 5km Challenge (It’s Free)

    Lane Cove Local Julie Park wants to help us all get fit.  Before 2012, Julie thought that running 5km was out of the question and now over the years, she has run 2 marathons and countless half marathons.  We asked her all about the June 5km Challenge.

    What is the June 5km Challenge?

    The June 5km Challenge is all about being more active in Winter. 5km was chosen as it is a very doable distance to walk or run.  It can be done with the whole family and dogs or before anyone in the household has even stirred. The commitment is to complete 5km every single day for June.

    As a physical education and health teacher, I instill in my students the need for an active lifestyle as it can dramatically improve your quality of life. People who have undertaken the challenge previously have commented about the positive effects it has had on their health. There is a Facebook Group set up to keep everyone motivated.  This gives people the feeling of accountability and has driven people to complete the challenge as each member can post pictures of their adventures each day.  The photos have been a highlight as they are from all around the world.

    Why Did You Start the Challenge?

    I started the June 5km Challenge in 2014 and it has been an annual event ever since! It all started with a group of friends and it kept us on track to get out of the house on the cold evenings and frosty mornings of June. The following year people started to invite their friends to join the challenge and it has kept on growing ever since. Last year there were people from all over the world. All over the USA, France, Abu Dhabi, Wales, Germany, England, New Zealand, Mexico and of course all over Australia both rural and metropolitan areas.  It has been an inspiration hearing people’s stories and seeing their photos from their local exercising spots from towns and cities I have never even heard of.

    How Many People Are Now Participating in the Challenge?

    There are over 350 people in the Facebook Group for the challenge this year.  Just click this link to join or follow me @activelegs on Instagram.

    This is what people are saying about the June 5kim Challenge:

    “Day 30! I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and will endeavour to keep up the same level of activity every day. Thank you to my daughter and to Julie for inspiring and challenging me. My fitness and health have definitely improved.”

    “Wow that’s the most exercise I’ve ever done in a month! Thanks everyone it’s been great to see and read all your stories 😊

    🎉yayyyy challenge completed x uber impressed that I managed to walk or run 5k every in June – fantastic challenge thank you so much Julie.”

    “Day 30/30 June 5km challenge going, going, gone!…. A gentle run with my dog again stopping to take in the views at sunrise.”

    “Thank you all for the daily global tours and motivation to get active each day. See you next June!”

    “Day 30 👊💪🏃
    Can’t believe the past 30 days have gone so fast.
    Thanks for the awesome challenge, Julie. I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos and getting to share a little bit of everyone’s lives. Keep active and Keep Healthy Everyone.”

    “30 days done!!!! A huge achievement to all who attempted the challenge. And a huge thank you to Julie who organised it.
    This month has seen me move more k’s than ever before. I’ve run and walked places I’ve never been before and seen things I would never have seen if it wasn’t for the accountability of this challenge. I think with the morning forecast of -7deg (in Bathurst) tomorrow it may just be my first rest day for a while, but hey, we’ll see……..Well done everyone.”

    How Long Have You Lived In Lane Cove?

    My husband and I bought a place in Lane Cove in 2011. We love the area so much that we ended up selling and buying a place just down the road as we couldn’t even fathom moving out of the area!

    Why Do You Like Living In Lane Cove?

    It has everything we need! We use so many of the facilities in the area as a young family. We frequent many of the parks with play equipment and thoroughly enjoy the variety of bush walks. Each weekend we are up at the village with friends, sharing a laugh and a coffee at a café or a meal at a local restaurant. It is so close to the city along the freeway on a bus. I frequently use the crèche at the BlueFit gym. The nurses at the Early Childhood Community Health Centre have answered many of my newborn questions always with a smile and my Lane Cove mother’s group has been a pillar of strength as our kids have grown into toddlers in the Lane Cove area. In The Cove are brilliant as I know that I can check the facebook page to find out what is happening eg when I hear a helicopter over the area In the Cove is my first port of call to check what is happening!

    We love meeting friends up at the village and having breakfast on the weekends. We love walking and running around the area and along the many bush tracks and parks.

    Blackman Park has been great with our toddler as he rides his bike and we walk/run along with him.

    What are You Favourite Lane Cove Coffee Places?

    I love Pottery Green, I can’t help but buy a baguette from them each time I go and the food is so yummy and fresh. Two Brothers are amazingly accommodating with children and prams and the ease of having space has brought us back each weekend.

    How Can Lane Cove Be Improved?

    A café that children can play in an area together (like Sprout in Willoughby).

    Ovals with lights on each night of the week so that people can run and walk around in Winter more safely after work.

    Also, parks that have play equipment that’s integrated into the natural environment (it doesn’t need to be an eyesore) More playground with fenced areas.

    So why not join Julie and run and walk every day for June.  It will help you train for the Lane Cove Fun Run.  If you want some running track ideas read our article here.  If you want some more inspiration join ParkRun.

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