Birrahlee Preschool Celebrating 60 years in Lane Cove

For over 60 years, Birrahlee Preschool (Birrahlee Kindergarten as it was named originally), has been dedicated to the education and care of local preschool children. It is a community-based preschool.

Photo by ex student and parent of three kids who attended Birrahlee Preschool Kylie Dunlop from Kylie Dunlop Photography

In the Beginning…

Birrahlee Preschool was officially opened in 1959, and formed by the amalgamation of 2 other services, the Lane Cove Centre for Youth and the Congregational Play Centre. The Committees of both services raised funds to build on the site at 70 Burns Bay Road, which was given to them by the Lane Cove Council. The committee had to get a loan to fund the project which was paid off over many years.

Initially there were three classrooms and 76 children per day. Changes to Government regulations led to a difficult decision.  Either raise funds to build another classroom or drop numbers by 16 per day.  The community rallied and there are now four classrooms.

Birrahlee now takes 80 children per day on a 3-day & 2-day basis catering for 160 families each week. As the preschool has grown and expanded the children and staff needed extra rooms. The Special Education/ staff room was built in the mid 1990’s after more fundraising by the parents.

Birrahlee Preschool is Community Focussed

Birrahlee is very much part of the local community and over the years there have been at least 9600 children through its doors. The staff have been loyal and long serving most having been with Birrahlee Preschool  for many years which gives a feeling of stability and continuity.

The parent community at Birrahlee has always been supportive and worked hard to provide outstanding facilities for the children of Lane Cove. The Parent Board oversees the management of the preschool and is committed to maintaining its excellent reputation. Today’s beautiful playgrounds are the result of a collaborative effort of the staff and parents.

In 2017 Birrahlee’s outdoor space was upgraded and an edible kitchen garden was installed The redevelopment was made possible with the addition of a $2300 grant from the Lane Cove Council and has significantly enhanced the outdoor space available for the children to play, learn and thrive.


The high quality of the educational program at Birrahlee was recently recognized by the Department of Education when it was assessed as Exceeding National Quality Standards.

Celebrate Birrahlee’s 60th Anniversary

To celebrate the 60th anniversary Birrahlee is holding an extra special Open Day for all past, present and future families with face painting, musical entertainment and a cake stall, on Saturday 14th September 10 am -12 pm. 

Are You in These Photos?

One of the lovely facts about Birrahlee Preschool is that many Lane Cove Parents went to Birrahlee and their kids have either been there or are attending now.  Birrahlee gave us some photos and we would love to know if you can spot yourself or someone you know.


1973 Antonio Kidman is the first girl in the middle row with the big smile
One of the 1975 Classes
One of the 1977 classes
One of the 1979 classes
One of the 1980 classes
One of the 1992 classes

See you at the Open Day!!

Contact Details

Ages: 3-5 years old
Hours of Operation: 8:15am – 3:45pm
Provided: Hat
Open Day: 14th September 2019
Email: [email protected]
Address: 70 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: 9427 5900
ITC Business Community Supporter: Birrahlee

Cover Photo:  Birrahlee Today by ex student and parent of three kids who attended Birrahlee Preschool Kylie Dunlop from Kylie Dunlop Photography

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