Lane Cove News Week in Review 15th to 21st September 2019

A big news week in Lane Cove.  The rainy weather caused havoc on the roads.  The Lane Cove Council meeting on Monday 16th September 2019 had a packed agenda (the greatest number of agenda items ITC has seen for a while) and the public gallery was full.

Lane Cove Council September 2019 Meeting

Before every Lane Cove Council meeting a public forum is held. Members of the public are allowed to speak for 3 minutes.  The main issues raised by the public before the meeting were:

  • support for Lane Cove Council declaring a Climate Emergency; and
  • the St Leonards South Master Plan.

Tribute to Doug Stuart

The Lane Cove Council meeting started with a tribute to Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society’s found Doug Stuart who passed away suddenly last week.  Councillor Francis Vessel read the following statement:

For 50 years he was a tireless advocate for the natural and built environment of Lane Cove and further afield, primarily through the Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society and the Residents and Shopkeepers for Appropriate Development.

 He used his architectural skills to provide detailed and constructive comments on many development applications, particularly those affecting bushland.  His thoroughness and attention to detail contributed to many recommendations being adopted.   He regularly attended Council meetings and spoke calmly, succinctly and to the point.

 He was active in initiating and carrying through the Bushland Management Plan and contributed to Council’s planning and development codes such as the Housing Strategy of 1996,  the Dwelling Code of 2005, and Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plans.   More recently, he also supported Council’s objections to the State Government’s 10/50 Code in 2014 and the Medium Density Code in 2019.

 He was an active member of the Tunnel Action Group from 2000 and the Village Advisory Committee from 2003.

 Council recognised his contributions through a Citizenship Award for Community Services in 1997 and Citizen of the Year in 2002.

 In all his work he was supported by his dear wife Norma, herself and contributor to Council by 25 years membership of the Bushland Advisory Committee.”

A minute’s silence was held in memory of Doug Stuart.

Mayoral Election

The first agenda item was the Mayoral election.  There were two candidates for Mayor Councillor Pam Palmer and Councillor Andrew Zbik.

Congratulations to Councillor Pam Palmer who was returned as Lane Cove Mayor for her third term and Councillor Daniel Strassberg elected as Deputy Mayor for the first time.  The next local government elections will be held on 12 September 2020.

Climate Emergency

Lane Cove Council declared a climate emergency and now joins over 40 other councils in Australia as part of the growing movement to acknowledge the vital role local government plays in environmental stewardship.   Read more here.

St Leonards South Master Plan

The highly contentious St Leonards South Master Plan (SLS Plan) was on the agenda again.  For the first time since the last local government election, there was a rescission notice on the agenda.  Councillors Vissel, Morris and Zbik requested a rescission of Lane Cove Council’s August Meeting Resolution on the SLS Plan.  They were urging Council to accept the Department of Planning’s offer to work with them and the community on reviewing the SLS Plan.  The Independent Planning Commission has stated if the SLS plan goes ahead, as is, it will result in overdevelopment. The rescission notice was not successful.  You can read more about the SLS Plan here.

Moratorium on Planning Proposals in St Leonards South

The Lane Cove Council resolved to write to the Greater Sydney Commission and the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and ask for a moratorium to be granted in relation to developer-initiated Planning Proposals in the St Leonard’s South Area as a matter of urgency. A moratorium will allow Lane Cove Council to finalise a plan for the area without being distracted by overlapping residential Planning Proposals (Two have already been submitted by developers).

Return and Earn Reverse Vending Machine

The Lane Cove Council resolved to enter into an arrangement with the operators of the Return and Earn to install a Reverse Vending Machine in the Little Street Car Park.  Read more here.

Other Agenda Items

 The Lane Cove Council also discussed the following:

Big Family Fun Ride

The Lane Cove Big Family Fun Ride was held today. This event is part of the Lane Cove Council Festival and a fun way for families to ride different bike routes in Lane Cove.

This coming week is Bike Week. The Lane Cove Council is hosting a free Bike Week Breakfast on Wednesday 25 September from 6:30am. Pop along and enjoy a FREE breakfast, chat with fellow cyclists, and grab some giveaways. A bike mechanic will be there to give your bike a free check and tune up.  More details here.

Mowbray Road Bend Accidents

The torrential rain made our roads slippery this week.  ITC had trouble keeping up with all the accident reports.  Mowbray Road was again the hot spot.  Four accidents on the same bend were reported. (see our cover photo)

ITC has raised the Mowbray Road bend with the Lane Cove Council many times. At the August Lane Cove Council meeting ITC and asked Lane Cove Council to investigate safety measures on Mowbray Road.

Previously the slipperiest corner in Lane Cove was the bend at Bridge Street and Penrose Street. After black spot funding was approved, measures were put in place to make the road safer (including applying a “non slip” treatment to the road). Since that application, ITC has not received any accident (we used to be inundated with accident reports on wet days).

The same non slip treatment has been applied to the Mowbray Road bend. It does not appear to be as effective. Lane Cove Council and Willoughby are jointly responsible for Mowbray Road. It is a regional road (not a state RMS road). Mowbray Road forms the boundary between Lane Cove Council and Willoughby City Council.

Rainy Week

There is nothing slower than a wet week, particularly if you’re a pedestrian crossing supervisor.  The Lane Cove Public School recognised how difficult the conditions were for their pedestrian crossing supervisor Stephen Miller and made their feelings known.  It was a lovely tribute.  Stephen is also President of Lane Cove Rotary and is working hard on the Lane Cove Fair (which is going to be a ripper – put 13th October 2019) in your diary. Don’t worry about driving to the Lane Cove Village – walk to the village or if you live too far away or have mobility issues there will be a shuttle bus.  Read more about Stephen Miller here.



Chatswood Hight Students’ Charity Walk

Well done to the 2019 Chatswood High School Class of 2019 and their teachers for their last day charity walk initiative.  A parent told us:

“My daughter finishes High School in a few days (Wednesday 25th Sept), and on the last day of school, all the students of Chatswood High School clap the year 12 students as they walk out of school for the last time. ALSO as part of this special occasion, the Year 12 kids and their teachers will be walking from Chatswood High to Royal North Shore Hospital – to raise funds for the Paediatric Unit – for kids less fortunate and too sick to go to school

They will be collecting money on the way from people they meet on their walk, as well as handing over the $1126 they raised at a fundraiser BBQ last week

If you would like to contribute to a great cause, please click on this link

50 Years of Currambena

On Saturday Currambena celebrated 50 years.  Currambena said there were proud of 50 years of progressive, democratic education within an inspiring learning community, a place of talking, listening, playing, creating, passion and discovery!  It was a big celebration  with speeches, food, drinks, dancing and kids’ activities.

Lane Cove Band Featured on Triple J’s Unearthed List

We have some very talented and creative people in Lane Cove. Lane Cove locals Sam Rigney and Jim Osborne, with a couple of their mates, have stared a band called Highline. They are currently featured on triple j Unearthed and their first song It Had To Be Said is quite catchy.

Check it out and download the song and help a Lane Cove band be discovered. Even better leave a review.

Power Outages

Riverview and Lane Cove West Residents are becoming accustomed to power outages.  There was another outage this week.  Many power outages in leafy Lane Cove are either due to tree branches on  powerlines or because of bats or possums.   Ausgrid advised ITC a possum was the cause of the most recent blackout.

Epping Road Rejuvenation

A big thank you to everyone who signed In the Cove‘s 2017 petition to bring back the Azaleas on Epping Road (and to also clean up the garden beds and show some civic pride). After ITC raised the rejuvenation project with Lane Cove Council, LCC got on board and discussed funding with our local member Anthony Roberts. Anthony obtained funding and last Friday ITC was invited to watch the official reopening of the Azalea beds. However it is not just about the flowers, the area was not being maintained at all and now it will be.

Update on the 3m Double Line Parking/Stop Sign Confusion (Corner Grace and Burns Bay Road Lane Cove)

Councillor Andrew Zbik – Lane Cove Council  raised the confusing stop sign with Lane Cove Council’s urban spaces team and pointed out the no stopping sign did not match up with the end of the double lines. Many people (incorrectly) think a stop sign overrides any markings on the road. Lane Cove Council acknowledged it was confusing and had installed new signs and cancelled two parking infringements.  Read more here.

Footy Season Love

ITC LOVES a love story. Lane Cove resident Jessie Donovan had just finished a brilliant game as captain for Pennant Hills Demons when she heard her name being called over the loudspeakers. Her attention was drawn to a banner being unfurled at the end of the ground in her team colours saying Jessie, will you marry me?

Her romantic boyfriend Jack (now hubby to be) had arranged for all her friends and family to watch her last home game for the season and the PROPOSAL.

For this spectacular moment Jessie won the Boy Oh Boy Wowee of the Year award at the AFL Sydney Phelan and Mostyn Medal awards night. (this award is named after a common phrase used by AFL commentator Brian Taylor aka BT.)

Jessie spent her childhood in Pennant Hills but now lives in Lane Cove.

The  Lane Cove Cats AFL Club will be knocking on Jessie’s door to play AFL 9’s this summer.

Jobs Workshop

Have you been made redundant or are you struggling to return to work?

The Lane Cove Council is hosting a workshop that might be of interest to you.

Lane Cove Council’s Community Services section is hosting a three hour workshop to assist those trying to get back into the workforce on 3rd October 2019.

The workshop will provide tools and tips to help job hunters get back into the workforce. There will also be an opportunity for a ‘one on one’ follow-up meeting.

The session is aimed at people recently made redundant and not currently receiving an outplacement or career management service.

Participants will be encouraged to share experiences and form follow-up support networks.

The facilitator is an experienced career management consultant. Find out more here

Crime/Incident/Accident Report


There was another attempted break in at the phone repair shop at The Village Shopping Centre.  The Police were notified.

A car was broken into on Elizabeth Parade.  The thieves smashed a side window to gain access to the car.

Accidents This Week

  • Motorcycle Accident River Road and Greenwich Road;
  • Lane Closed on Centennial Avenue after an accident on corner of Epping Road and Centennial Avenue;
  • Accident on River Road closing both lanes heading towards North Sydney;
  • Accident on River Road near Jack & Co; and
  • 4 accidents on Mowbray Road Bend (near the vacant former petrol station site).

School Holiday Activities Guide October 2019

Whoa! Term Three is nearly finished. Time to plan a few activities for the kids to help ensure you all have a fun couple of weeks off school.  There are so many fun things to do in Lane Cove and we have them listed here.

Sydney Speech Clinic

This week in review is sponsored by Sydney Speech ClinicPeople are often surprised to find out that a large part of the role of many speech pathologists is to support reading and spelling skills.  They have Friday Morning Pop in sessions for parent who might want to find out more.

Speech pathologists have specialist knowledge in the field of oral (spoken) language development and the associated disorders. They aim to identify underlying oral language difficulties, provide intervention tailored to the individual child and to support the generalisation of skills from oral to written language.   Find out more about what a speech pathologist does here.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech, language or literacy skills contact Sydney Speech Clinic on (02) 8404 0715 or make an enquiry here.    Sydney Speech Clinic is now located at 1 Pottery Lane (Little Street Car Park building) in purpose built premises.

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