Planning Panel Approves Coles Site Redevelopment

The Sydney North Planning Panel (SNPP) has approved plans to redevelop the Coles Supermarket Site on Burns Bay Road.  This site will be redeveloped once Coles relocates into The Canopy.

Reasons for Approving the Coles Site Redevelopment

SNPP gave the following reasons for approving the redevelopment plans:

  • The existing facility is ‘tired’.
  • The proposed development is of good design and will deliver a vibrant mixed-use development as well as high amenity for future residents, workers and the community, with the streetscape enhancement along Burns Bay Road and Sera Street.
  • The proposed development complies with significant planning controls and fits into the desired future character of the area.

Coles arcade lane cove

SNPP did amend some conditions in the Lane Cove Council Assessment Report.  Some of the significant amendments were:

  • The Developer is to commission a detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan by an expert outlining ways to ensure the safety of children and parents at Goodstart Early Learning Centre and Birrahlee Pre School and a detailed noise and dust management plan by an air quality and noise expert.
  • These plans must be developed in consultation with the Child Care Directors at Goodstart and Birrahlee Pre School. The Plans must be available for review and comment by neighbours for 4 weeks.
  • Imposing Noise Level Restrictions during demolition and construction
  • Imposing Dust Control to reduce dust during construction.

SNPP specifically noted they considered two written submissions from nearby businesses. These businesses were concerned that during construction their businesses would suffer with less foot traffic and people avoiding dust and noise.  SNPP believes the amended conditions will lessen these concerns.

Lane Cove Council has stipulated, truck movements are not to occur on Sera Street on school days between 7.30 am – 9.00 am and 2.30 pm – 4 pm during construction.

Read the full SNPP report here.

What is the Next Step?

The Next Step is for the developer to commission the plans and reports referred to above and make them available for their Neighbour’s comments.

When Will Demolition and Construction Start?

Demolition cannot start until Coles moves to the Canopy Development.  At this stage the Canopy is scheduled to open mid 2020.

Here is a sneak peak of the new Coles Site in the Canopy

Who Will Move into the Development?

Tenants have not been announced for the redeveloped site. The Plans show there is space for a 1700 sqm supermarket, with cafes, and other speciality shops.  A hot rumour (and we stress only a rumour) is Harris Farm might move in.

The Lane Cove Performing Arts Community has pushed for a performing arts centre in the heart of Lane Cove (the Lane Cove Council Chambers used to be one of two Town Halls and was where concerts etc were held before it was converted into Council Chambers).

Representatives from the Lane Cove performing arts community asked Lane Cove Council to consider using the proposed new community centre for performing arts and a theatrette/presentation space for groups such as:

  • Lane Cove Theatre Company;
  • Lane Cove Concert Band;
  • Local Dance Schools;
  • Sporting Groups to have end of season awards nights;
  • Local Community Groups to hold fundraisers with comedy acts, movie nights and more.

A Community Space is planned for the development.  However, Lane Cove Council has not confirmed if it will be a performing arts space.

Is There Public Parking?

Yes!  There will be 99 public car spaces.

In total there will be three levels of basement parking with 142 car spaces (43 allocated to residents and their visitors), 10 motorbikes spaces and 13 bicycles spaces.

Will Sera Street Be Improved?

Sera Street will be improved, and the current council car park will be demolished.


The Developer is Sun Property Pty Ltd (SP).  The Developer is seeking consent for the demolition of existing structures and the development of the site for Mixed Uses.  The proposed mixed-use development will involve the redevelopment of the Coles supermarket and amalgamation of two parcels of land. The total area of the development site is 3665 sqm.

The existing building will be demolished and replaced with a proposed mixed-use building with two levels on the Burns Bay Road street side and three levels at the Sera Street side. Above ground the development will look like two buildings, however, the buildings will be connected by basement parking and supermarket level.

The development comprises:

  • Shops (Retail Premises including supermarket);
  • Restaurant (Food and Drink Premises);
  • Business premises;
  • Community Facility (possibly a performing arts centre);
  • Shop Top Housing, and;
  • basement car parking and servicing.

The development will result in a nett reduction in the retail floor area on the site from 2700m2 to 1800m2, plus the addition of 22 residential apartments (including 5 SOHO apartments).  What is a SOHO apartment?  SOHO stands for Small Office, Home Office. It’s a hybrid apartment for residential and commercial purposes and allows people to work and live in the same apartment.

The gross floor area of the proposed supermarket is 1,800m2.  Other gross floor area details are:

  • a restaurant at street level fronting Burns Bay Road with a floor area of 165m2 GFA;
  • a community space on Level 1 with a floor area of 780m2.

For more information on this development click here.

Keep Supporting our Local Businesses

Please keep supporting the businesses located in and near the Coles Complex.  The retailing environment is tough and local businesses need your support.  The independent fruit and vegetable shop located under Coles has closed.

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