Lane Cove Council Addresses River Road West Bottleneck

River Road West near Austin Street is basically a one-lane road due to cars being parked on the street.  This creates a bottleneck during peak periods.

Lane Cove Council received representation from residents regarding safety concerns at this intersection.

Currently, there is a ‘No Parking; 6:30 am to 9:30 am’ zone on the northern side and unrestricted parking on the southern side of River Road West between William Edward Street and Austin Street.

River Road West is a regional road with a bi-directional dual carriageway and a signposted speed limit of 50km/hr.

Motorists are currently parking on the southern side of River Road West causing all westbound traffic to merge into one lane.

If a vehicle is parked outside house number 24, the westbound traffic is forced to stop when a vehicle is turning right into Austin Street and there is no break in the oncoming traffic creating traffic congestions during peak hours.

To improve safety and facilitate uninterrupted traffic flow along River Road West during peak hours, Lane Cove Council is proposing to install a ‘No Parking; 7:00 am-9:30 am; 3:30 pm-6:00 pm; MonFri’ zone on the southern side of River Road West outside house number 22 and house number 24, as shown in our cover photo.

The Lane Cove Council also needs to address parking on Austin Street near 95 Austin Street.  Cars are regularly parked outside this house creating an issue for cars turning left from River Road West.  If cars are waiting to turn left or right into River Road from Austin Street and there are cars parking on the road, it is impossible to turn into Austin Street which creates an issue for cars travelling along River Road West towards Northwood.

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