10 Declutter Tips To Do Your Own Kondo

    Have you heard about the Netflix series to help others achieve a level of tidying they have never imagined!!  Marie Kondo is taking Australia (and from what ITC sees on their instagram feed, Lane Cove, by storm).  There have been numerous studies that show January/February is the time that people declutter.  Now if you think that  decluttering means getting rid of all your beloved items, according to the Marie Kondo this is not the case.  Marie Kondo believes that as long as an item brings you joy and it fits into your life, then find a place to  display it, so that when you see it throughout the home, it makes you happy.  If you don’t have a place to display it now, store it and then bring it out when you find the place.  So to help you Kondo (or to be more exact use Kondo’s KonMari Method) we have ways to help you get rid of all that stuff you declutter.

    If you want to Kondo properly you may want to contact Lane Cove’s very own accredited Kondo Expert – Pilar Llorente from Neatly Awesome

    Here’s some tips on recycling.

    Book A Council Clean Up

    Did you know that every Lane Cove resident is entitled to 4 free council clean-ups a year?

    At this time of year Lane Cove Council experiences an increase in demand for clean up bookings (bulky items and furniture household items). The usual processing time for pickups is 3 to 4 weeks.

    When you schedule a pickup, place the waste on the kerbside the day before the scheduled collection. If the waste is put out earlier it is considered illegal dumping. Remember do the right thing and plan ahead – penalties apply for non pre-booked items being placed on the footpath.

    To make a booking call 1300 655 006 or book online at Council’s website.

    Visit the Community Recycling Centre

    The Community Recycling Centre is located at 8 Waltham Street in Artarmon and it is a one-stop shop for safely disposing of problem household wastes such as paint, gas bottles, e-waste or motor oil and more.  In other words, problem wastes that can’t be collected via council kerbside waste or recycling collection services all year round.  In particular the e-waste that is a problem like TV sets, computers and cables (so many cables).

    It is a free service.  Read more about the facility here

    Storage King Solutions for E Waste

    The community recycling centre is amazing but it’s not open every day.  If you need to get rid of E-waste etc now (instead of it enjoying many day trips in your car) pop on over to the friendly guys at Storage King Lane Cove and they have a free e-waste solution (you do need to buy their e-waste box but it is only $3.50).

    Storage King– the experts in self storage – work with MobileMuster and ECOACTIV Product Recovery Programs to help collect and recycle unwanted consumer electronics, computer equipment and mobile phones.

    What is accepted?

    • Notebooks, printers, fax machines, scanners,  desktop sized printers, CD drives, hard drives
    • VCR players, projectors, overhead projects, network  equipment, cables, keyboards, mice, floppy discs, printer cartridges
    • Electronic games/toys, DVD players, stereos,  cameras, video cameras, iPods
    • Mobile phones, their batteries, chargers and accessories

    Only products that fit into the box will be accepted. Dimensions of the box are as follows: 44cm height, 41cm length, 30cm width

    Have a Garage Sale

    The Lane Cove Council has now introduced an online index of Garage Sales in Lane Cove.  You can also register your garage sale on inthecove.com.au

    The Lane Cove Council is keen to promote Garage Sales as a way of diverting waste from landfills.   To list your garage sale on the Lane Cove Council’s site just click this link.

    The Lane Cove Council has put together some terrific downloads such as a promotional poster to advertise, hints and tips for a successful day and price tags for easy labelling of items.

    Register your Garage Sale

    Host Information

    Garage Sale Promotion Poster

    Garage Sale Cancelled Poster

    Garage Sale Price Tags

    Garage Sale Tips

    Garage Sale Trail

    Garage Sale Trail is the fire-breathing godzilla of all garage sales. It’s a giant purpose-driven marketplace powered by 150 local councils and the amazing people of Australia. For some reason, Lane Cove Council does not participate in Garage Sale Trail.

    Australia’s biggest weekend of garage sales is happening around the country each October.


    You can drop off DVD/CD’s at the Community Recycling Centre. Please remove plastic covers on CDs/DVDs and any plastic or cardboard packaging.


    Marie Kondo wants you to only keep books that are giving you joy.  How many people  have books that we have read once and never touched again.  Give joy to another by recycling.  There are so many ways to donate books.  The most popular is donating books to the Huge Lifeline Sale (which is on in the first week of February – details here).  Donations can be made 24/7 – see below.  ITC will be arranging a book drive trip to Lifeline soon.

    You can also donate to your local street library – find out where the street libraries are in Lane Cove here.

    Lane Cove Library is happy to accept books if they are in good condition. Books that are not added to the collection may be included in their regular Book Sale. Donated books can be left at the Lane Cove Library Loans Desk.

    If you would like to discuss a donation please telephone the Library during office hours on 9911 3634.

    Expired Beauty Products

    Are your cupboards filled with out of date beauty products?  Get rid of the products that are out of date.  The good news is that you can recycle them at the Lane Cove Council chambers.



    If you need to store items, then contact Storage King Lane Cove.  They have many cost effective options and no long term contracts.  If you operate a home based business with lots of stock, why not use Storage King Lane Cove as your distribution centre (many local businesses use this option).

    Storage King has an offer of one’s month’s free storage (new customers only) in January 2019.

    Also to help reduce some of the costs involved with moving Storage King can provide their Truck and Driver for FREE. They only ask that customers assist with loading and unloading the truck when it arrives and returns to our Storage Facility.

    Furthermore, if any packaging material eg. boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap or protective plastic covers for mattresses, lounges, chairs is required for the move then they will provide free delivery. Just call their office on 9420 2220.


    Hire a Handyman

    While you are cleaning up, you might find a room you can now use. If there is a maintenance issue ( the door does not close properly) or there is a problem with lighting.  Then book a handyman or an electrician asap.  Our local business directory has a list of local lane cove handymen and local Lane Cove electricians.


    There is no truer saying that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Rather than your items going to landfill, list them on the Lower North Shore Free Stuff and Low Waste Living page.  It is an easy way to get rid of items could be used by someone else.

    Storage King Lane Cove is an ITC Gold Sponsor.  ITC would like to thank Storage King for providing a free storage unit to Got a Pen? (Lane Cove Charity), providing boxes and tapes and for assisting in transporting goods to their working bee.


    More on how to recycle correctly in Lane Cove here and other ways to recycle common household properties.  You can also have Clothing Cleanup pick up your clothes.  Find out more here – it is a commercial organisation.

    No more FOMO – be a Lane Cove Legend