Lane Cove News Week in Review 26th Jan to 1st Feb 2020

It’s back to school and the rangers are out in force patrolling school zones and parking restrictions.  Parking is at a premium again.  Remember you can park in The Canopy and at the moment parking is free while they test the parking system.

Department of Education Warning

​The week the NSW Government requested that children who have visited China in the past two weeks not attend school or childcare services until 14 days have lapsed from their date of departure from China.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard and Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said although the risk to children is very low, the NSW Government has taken this step as a precautionary measure.

Anyone who develops a fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath within 14 days of travel to Hubei or contact with a person with confirmed coronavirus, should immediately isolate themselves from other people, contact their GP or local emergency department or call the healthdirect helpline 1800 022 222.

A roving reporter advised that many Lane Cove supermarkets and pharmacies have run out of hand sanitizer. Apparently some pharmacies have it behind the counter if you ask for it.


Long Weekend Dumping

As always happens every long weekend, charity donations were dumped outside the three charity shops on Longueville Road.  There has also been an increase in illegal dumping around Longueville.  Each resident is entitled to four free rubbish pick ups a year.  Further info here.


This week Lane Cove Council announced a new park is coming to Lane Cove. Works will start on 7th February to create Cameraygal Park on the corner of Longueville Road and Epping Road. The temporary car park currently on the site will be closed permanently from 7 February with alternative spaces available nearby at Little Street car park and The Canopy car park. The new Cameraygal Park is expected to be completed by the end of June 2020.

Cameraygal Park will feature:

  • Indigenous inspired garden beds
  • Bespoke seating
  • Bicycle fixing station

Another Accident at Corner of Longueville Road and River Road

On late Saturday night, there was another accident at the corner of Longueville Road and River Road. Accidents have declined since the position of the traffic lights were changed.  However, planning changes to the intersection promised before the last state election have not been made.


Lane Cove ANZ Branch close for Refurbishment

The ANZ Lane Cove branch is closed for refurbishment until March.  The ATM has been removed.


New Loading Zone Longueville Road

There is a new loading zone on Longueville Road near Wok Passion. It is only temporary until the loading zone in Rosenthal Lane is available again.

Uniting Church Corner of Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road to Be Developed

After a false start, a development application has been lodged to redevelop the Chatswood South Uniting Church (near The Great Northern). The Developers will keep the church. Read more here.


Red Belly Black Snake

A Red Belly Black Snake has been seen in Lane Cove West near the Epping Road Pedestrian Overpass. Here is what to do if you see a snake and the contact details of a local snake catcher.


An ITC Follower advised as follows:

“Malicious car vandalism Osborne Rd: our car was broken into last week and a small but heavy-duty plastic bottle (automotive or trades type bottle) was left under the bonnet. We discovered it on Wednesday when the fan belt whined; the bottle was lodged in the belt. Nothing seems to have been taken. Don’t know why anyone would do this; mistaken identity?  Obviously intended to cause harm in our view. Consulted our mechanic about details, next stop is the police. Has anyone else had a similar experience recently? Did anyone see someone with a bonnet open in Osborne Rd, south of Ronald Ave, Monday or Tuesday last week, probably at night?”

Fake Leather Coat Seller is back

Residents should be aware that the fake leather goods seller is back.  This time he is posing as a Versace rep before trying to flog off fake goods.

On roving reporter told us:

“My husband was approached, at the entrance to the Diddy by a man in a white SUV Renault (even had the red rental plates from QLD) asking for directions to the freeway. After helping him the man, who maintained an “Italian” accent throughout explained that he was here for the David Jones fashion show and that he was the Versace rep in Milan. He was on the way to the airport apparently and quickly flashed his passport. Gave my husband his card and asked what he did for a living, his shirt size and if he had a wife. Then said he wanted to thank him for being helpful and had some samples he didn’t want to take back to Italy. Alarm bells went off and my husband backed off.”

Back To School

Students start back to school this week, this means that school zones and school parking restrictions will apply.  The official school term starts on 28th January 2020.  Many schools have pupil free days, but parking restrictions still apply – so don’t get caught.

Are you looking for extracurricular activities for your child in Term One in Lane Cove?

We have the low down on all the activities for your kids to try in 2020.

✔️ Kumon

✔️ Drama Classes



✔️Art Workshops

✔️Swim Classes

✔️Multi Sports

✔️Teen Yoga

✔️Teen BootCamp

✔️Spanish Classes

✔️Music Classes

✔️French Classes

Read more here

Upcoming Events

Simon Kennedy Fundraiser for Bush Fires

Hear Simon Kennedy, local comedian, talk about his book 9/11 Art of Happiness and his personal connection to that event.  The event will include a Q and A and if you purchase the book all proceeds go to the Red Cross – details here.

Find out more about Simon here

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