Lane Cove News Week in Review 9th to 15th February 2020

This week it was all about recovering from the torrential rain.

Power was out in Lane Cove West, Lane Cove North, Lane Cove and Riverview for over 7000 homes.  On Monday 10th February 2020 Lane Cove West School kids had classes in the dark and school was cancelled on 11th February 2020. St Ignatius Riverview also cancelled classes due to the power outage and some damage to the school.

Many Lane Cove residents gradually had their power restored on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

The Lane Cove West shops were out of action on Monday 10th February 2020 and Figtree Vet and Oliver Barkley Pet Supplies suffered flood damage.  Lane Cove restaurants and takeaways were packed on Monday night with residents dining out as they had no power.

Some pockets of Lane Cove (including Morrice Street/Austin Street, Bridge Street, Centennial Avenue, Gamma and Zeta Roads and Alder Avenue) were without power until Saturday 15th February 2020.  The delay in restoring power to these areas was due to trees bringing down powerlines.  Residents had to wait for Ausgrid teams to remove the trees and fix the powerlines.

Power Outage Map Sunday 9th Feb 2020
Power Outage Map 11th Feb 2020

Thank you to the many residents and businesses who offered to charge mobile phone and other devices and offered showering facilities.  The Lane Cove Library was packed with people charging devices and working in the library.  Thank you to the Library staff who helped out so many people.

Lane Cove Council Communication Fail

The Lane Cove Council was inundated with residents enquiring about tree removals.  Many local councils updated their website to provide information on where to charge devices, details of where locals could access council showering facilities, details on who to contact about tree disposal, details on where to drop off spoiled food and how to access council facilities to drop off green waste that would not fit in the council bins.  The Lane Cove Council only provided information on the Lane Cove Library and later in the week provided some information on disaster relief.

ITC was copied in on correspondence where Lane Cove residents expressed their frustration at not being able to contact council and find out what they were doing.   The Lane Cove Council was probably working hard to remove debris and speaking to Ausgrid.  It would have been comforting to have some updates on what was happening.

Information Provided by Hornsby Council
Information Provided by Willoughby Council

Kingsford Smith Oval – Gate Removal

The Lane Cove Council has placed signs around Kingsford Smith Oval advising that gates are being removed and a chicane system will now be in place.  Many residents are concerned about dogs and children running out of the oval and onto the roads that border the oval.  Local users of the oval have set up a petition asking the Lane Cove Council not to remove the gates and undertake community consultation.  You can sign the petition here.

Lane Cove Council has stated this move is in line with other local ovals which are also off-leash dog areas and there have been no issues.  In February 2018 a petition was presented to Lane Cove Council asking Lane Cove Council to fully fence Pottery Green to ensure the safety of dogs and children.

Humid and Wet Weather

Be careful when bushwalking, several snakes have been spotted in bushland after the wet weather.  This is what to do if you see a snake.

Snake Spotted at Blackman Park this week

Lane Cove Youth Orchestra Looking for Players

Do you have a child who plays an Orchestral Instrument? Lane Cove Youth Orchestra would love to have them come along and have a play with them to see if they would like to join LCYO. This is a great way to meet new friends.  Details here.

Accidents/Incidents/Police Reports

North Shore Local Area Command is looking for information in relation to an incident in the Ladies Toilets at Lane Cove Market Square. They have advised:

“An 18 year old woman has reported being slapped on the buttocks in Lane Cove.
The woman has stated that she was slapped as she walked into the female toilets in Lane Cove Shopping Centre by a male who then ran away. The male is described as about 180 centimetres tall, Asian appearance, brown skin, black hair and wearing a pink top, black shorts and black shoes. Anyone with information should contact Police.”

This week we had reports of cars being broken into in Stuart Street Longueville and Fleming Street Northwood.

A chemical smell was detected at the Commonwealth Bank on Longueville Road on Monday 10th February 2020.  Adjoining shops were evacuated.  Shop owners were allowed back to their shops within a short period of time.

Upcoming Events


Thu Feb 20 February Comedy Night at The Alcott
Fri Feb 21 Celebrating Lines: A Life Drawing Workshop on Body Positivity
Sat Feb 22 Back to School Posture Check
Mon Feb 24 Raunchy Romance Storytime
Thu Feb 27 Author Talk – Cathy Wilcox & Sarah MacDonald – So…You’re Having A Teenager
Sat Feb 29 Leap Year Litter
Sat Feb 29 Hunters Hill High School Open Day
Wed Mar 4 Opening Night: Patricia Flanagan_Digital Materiality -Coded Textiles
Wed Mar 4 Opening Night – No Mans Land


The Lane Cove Theatre Company’s season of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged finishes next weekend.  Further information here.


Sydney Speech Clinic

This week in review is sponsored by Sydney Speech ClinicPeople are often surprised to find out that a large part of the role of many speech pathologists is to support reading and spelling skills.  They have Friday Morning Pop in sessions for a parent who might want to find out more.

Speech pathologists have specialist knowledge in the field of oral (spoken) language development and associated disorders. They aim to identify underlying oral language difficulties, provide intervention tailored to the individual child and to support the generalisation of skills from oral to written language.   Find out more about what a speech pathologist does here.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech, language or literacy skills contact Sydney Speech Clinic on (02) 8404 0715 or make an enquiry here.    Sydney Speech Clinic is now located at 1 Pottery Lane (Little Street Car Park building) in purpose-built premises.

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