Latest Covid 19 Information from NSW Health and Lane Cove Update 16 March 2020

    The NSW Department of Health has advised that as at 11 am today, an additional 37 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed since their last update at 11 am, March 15, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in NSW to 171.


    Confirmed cases (incl. interstate residents in NSW health care facilities) 171
    Cases under investigation 1,282
    Cases tested and excluded 25,511
    Total 26,964


    Cases by Sex and Age Group

    Age group Female % Male % Total
    10-20 5 45 6 55 11
    20-30 14 61 9 39 23
    30-40 21 50 21 50 42
    40-50 16 57 12 43 28
    50-60 16 53 14 47 30
    60-70 10 40 15 60 25
    70-80 2 33 4 67 6
    80-90 1 33 2 67 3
    90-100 3 100 0 0 3
    Total 88 83 171


    Likely Source of Infection

    Source No
    Overseas acquired 67
    Epi link (contact of confirmed case) 44
    Under investigation 43
    Unknown 17
    Total 171


    Closest Covid 19 Testing Clinic

    There is a Covid 19 Testing Clinic at Royal North Shore. These clinics are currently assisting with the assessment and testing of people with fever, cough or flu-like symptoms who are returned travellers or a contact of a confirmed case.

    NSW Department of Health Advice on Social Distancing

    Everyone should practise social distancing, as it reduces the potential for transmission.

    Social distancing is an effective measure to reduce the potential for transmission, but it is recognised that it cannot be practised in all situations.

    While practising social distancing, people can travel to work,including on public transport. For non-essential activities outside the workplace or attendance at schools, universities and childcare – social distancing includes:

    • avoiding crowds and mass gatherings where it is difficult to keep the appropriate distance away from others
    • avoiding small gatherings in enclosed spaces, for example family celebrations
    • attempting to keep a distance of 1.5 metres between themselves and other people where possible, for example when they are out and about in public place.
    • avoiding shaking hands, hugging, or kissing other people
    • avoiding visiting vulnerable people, such as those in aged care facilities or hospitals, infants, or people with compromised immune systems due to illness or medical treatment.

    How to Help Your Neighbours

    Sydney Community Services (9427 6425) is a central source for anyone in Lane Cove or Hunters Hill who either need to self-isolate or choose to not go outside as they worry they are at risk of the Corona Virus.

    If you are a neighbour of someone who may be at risk please check they are ok and let Sydney Community Services know if they need to be on the vulnerable list.

    They are putting together a database of people who are in isolation but they also need volunteers who are able to help others who need emergency supplies, or even just give social contact, through a phone link.

    From Monday at 8.30 am they will have a line to take any referrals by phone on 9427 6425. In the meantime email [email protected] with your details.

    Tips on How to Survive Self Isolation

    If you are self-isolated (for example you have returned from OS).  We have put together a list of businesses who can deliver to your door.  Read more here.

    Woolworths Care Packages for the Elderly

    From Thursday, Woolworths will offer care packages for these shoppers that can be picked up from the customer service desk. Both the early opening and care packages can be accessed by people with a government concession card. These packages will include some of the things people have been panic buying, like toilet roll and pasta.

    Coles Suspending Online Deliveries Except to the Vulnerable

    Coles CEO has made the following statement:

    “To dedicate vans in our network to delivering groceries to those in genuine need, especially the most vulnerable and those isolated, home delivery orders for other valued customers will be temporarily suspended. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause and a further announcement about this will be made in the coming days.

    To avoid inconvenience for Coles Online customers who have been picking up incomplete Click&Collect orders due to lower product availability in stores, Coles will temporarily no longer accept Click&Collect orders.
    Coles has also temporarily cancelled its UberEats delivery service during this time to enable team members to improve availability in stores”

    ANZAC DAY Services have Been Called Off

    The RSL released the following statement today.

    “Following further discussions with the NSW Government, RSL NSW has made the decision to cancel all public ANZAC Day commemoration services across the state. The risk to vulnerable people during the current health situation is simply too high for these events to continue in their traditional format.

    Given the significant concerns around the spread of COVID-19, it would be irresponsible to allow such large gatherings as we see each year on ANZAC Day to go ahead. This is not a decision we have taken lightly. The RSL has a responsibility to act in the best interests of veterans and the general public. In these uncertain times we must follow the advice of medical experts and do everything we can to protect the community.

    This is a recognition of the penalties linked to events over 500 people, and the potential exposure to RSL sub-Branches. This acknowledges the fact that most ANZAC Day events are open to all members of the community and therefore have the potential to attract crowds of over 500 people.

    ANZAC Day as a marker of our respect and admiration for ANZACs past and present will still be observed. Exactly what form this will take will be different from previous years, but as custodians of commemoration, the RSL will still honour the service and sacrifice of our brave servicemen and women. In these challenging times, we will remember them.

    We will provide further updates on other ANZAC Day related activities including fundraising in the coming days.”

    Chargrill Charlies Has Imposed New Procedures

    Mater Maternity

    The Mater Hospital has increased its precautionary measures aimed at minimising the risk of COVID-19 to its maternity patients and their babies, and is restricting visitors to the Mater maternity unit from today. Partners are still welcome however they ask that other family members and friends do not visit.
    Their Maternity Tours are also cancelled until further notice.

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