Lane Cove’s Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

You may have seen our politicians assuring kids that the Easter Bunny is an essential worker and that the Easter Bunny has a special egg-exmption to visit all homes in Australia.

Yesterday Jacinda Arden announced the Great New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt.  If Jacinda gives a virtual Easter Egg hunt the thumbs up then why not have one in Lane Cove??

What is a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt?

We may be under home isolation, but exercise is still permitted. Print out this Easter egg drawing, colour it in.

You have two choices:

Small A4 Sized Egg easy to print and get started colouring- Easter Egg Hunt A4

If you really want to make a BIG Easter egg print – we have spilt the egg into 4 x A4 pages. You can print and cut the 4 pieces and sticky tape them all together to make a SUPER DUPER SIZED EGG – Easter Egg hunt SUPER EGG

Where Do I Display the Easter Egg?

You can put join in the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt by

  • placing your colourful Easter Egg Drawing in your home’s front window
  • if you do not have a window that people can see from the street or you do not have access to a printer make a chalk Easter Egg on a footpath or driveway.

Keep It Local

If you’re going on an Easter Egg Hunt you need to keep it local and do a different street or patch every day.  This is not like the Christmas Lights where you are encouraged to drive up and down the streets with the greatest number of lights.  If everyone did that we would have a gathering. In fact, under the new stay home rules, you are not permitted to drive unless you have a reasonable excuse.  So driving to see the Easter Eggs is not permitted.  However, walking to see the Easter Eggs is wonderful exercise.


If you or your family are under mandatory self-isolation or someone in your family has a cough, fever, sore throat or feels unwell do not leave the house and walk along an Easter Egg Hunt.  If you see other families don’t stop and chat.  Just

Make Your Easter Egg a Social Media Sensation – Easter Egg of the Day

You all know about ITC’s Dog of the Day, Bear of the Day, Rainbow of the  Day we now have Easter Egg of the Day and on Easter Sunday we will put together a collage of aloof the wonderful Easter Eggs.

To be featured you can:

  • Post it on your Facebook page and use the #itcegghunt
  • Post it on your Instagram page and use the #itcegghunt
  • Email us your pictures at [email protected]

Please note that if your Facebook Page or Instagram Page is set to a private setting we will not be able to access the pictures.

Other Ways to Have a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt/Inside Easter Fun

Facetime or Zoom Easter Egg Hunt – Details Here
Indoor Easter Egg Hunt – Details Here
No Bake Easter Treats – Details Here

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