Lane Cove Cyclists Call for More Funding

Image Credit: Lane Cove Council

Have you noticed the increased number of Lane Cove families cycling around Lane Cove?  During COVID19 our local bike shops were flat out with fixing up bikes that had sat in garages for a while or selling new bikes.  There may have been an increase lately, but the Lane Cove Cycling community has been working for years on a cycle-friendly Lane Cove.

Lane Cove Bike Plan

In October 2019 the Lane Cove Council (LCC) adopted a revised Lane Cove Bike Plan. The Bike Plan is a comprehensive strategic action plan which details priority improvements to our local cycling network. The Bike Plan aims to achieve enhanced safety, convenience and mobility for cyclists.

The Bike Plan (2019) estimated the total cost of implementing the strategies would be $2,909,000 over five years.

For several years, Lane Cove Council has budgeted around $150,000 per financial year towards Bike infrastructure in Lane Cove as part of their footpath budget allocation.

Following the adoption of the Lane Cove Council Bike Plan in 2019, there has been no specific discussion since about how the Bike Plan will be adequately funded.

Councillor Zbik’s Call for More Lane Cove Bike Plan Funding

Councillor Andrew Zbik is a keen cyclist and a member of the Lane Cove Council Cycling Advisory Committee.

The Lane Cove Council June Meeting was held on Monday 15th June 2020. Councillor  Zbik notice of motion requesting LCC increase funding for the implementation of the Lane Cove Bike Plan was discussed.

His notice of motion includes the following comparisons:

“As a point of comparison to the approximate $150,000 per annum Lane Cove is currently spending on implementing its Bike Plan, the below table shows what funding three of our neighbouring Local Government Areas are committing towards the implementation of their Bike Plans:

Local Government Area Financial year 18/19 Financial year 19/20 Financial year 20/21 Source
North Sydney $200,000 $490,000 $1,190,000 North Sydney Council Delivery Program 2018/2019 to 2020/2021 – “Bike Share Infrastructure Program”, “Cycling Strategy Priority Route Items” & “Cycling Strategy Projects to be established”
Ryde $380,000 $680,000 $350,000 Cycleways Program budget from the Ryde Four Year Delivery Program & One Year Operational Plan 2018-2022 & 2019-2023 & 2020 – 2024.
Willoughby $341,400 $288,150 $2,012,000 Willoughby Operational Plan 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020 – 2021


Of note from the above table, North Sydney and Willoughby are planning considerable increases in funding to implement their Bike Plans in the 2020/2021 financial years. Hunters Hill Council is currently spending $50,000 undertaking community consultation to review their 2004 Bike Plan.”

Notice of Motion Not Passed

Councillor’s Zbik’s notice of motion was not passed at the meeting.  During the discussion on the motion, the Lane Cove Council General Manager said that it was difficult from the budget papers to ascertain the exact amount spent on cycling in Lane Cove as much of the cycling infrastructure (such as shared bike user paths) is included in the footpath budget.

Cycling Survey

Councillor Zbik has launched a Safer Cycling Survey – if you would like to participate in this survey click here.

Lane Cove Cyclists Have Been Lobbying For Years

Don Murchinson, a Lane Cove Council Area resident, has been lobbying for increased funding for many years.  He has been asking the Lane Cove Council to apply for grants available for public works on shared open spaces.  The Lane Cove Council declined to apply for a grant for this purpose.   They applied for a grant for better lighting in the Plaza and The Canopy.

Lane Cove Cyclist argue that increased funding is especially important to start building local cycleways that will enable the many new “COVID19 lockdown” bike riders to cycle around Lane Cove safely, and to demonstrate to Transport for NSW that Lane Cove Council is serious about improving cycling infrastructure and worthy of additional funding to roll out significant cycleways from the Principal Bicycle Network.

This article was updated after the Lane Cove Council Meeting on 17th June 2020.

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