Weird, Wacky and Unusual Sights in Lane Cove

In the Cove started as a Facebook page in 2012.  Since that time, we have become a multi-platform media business with a Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and a weekly news blast via email. 

We have also seen some weird, wacky and unusual things since we started.  Here are some of our favourites.

A Camel in the Cove

Who would have thought you would see a camel in Lane Cove Plaza, but when Gelatissimo Lane Cove launched camel milk gelato that is precisely what happened.



Surfing at the Lane Cove Golf Club

In June 2016 Lane Cove was hit with severe rainstorms that resulted in flooding.  The Lane Cove Golf Course became the new place for residents to surf.

In February 2020, the Golf Course became Lane Cove’s only 50 m plus outdoor pool.

Yabby on The Lawn

A roving reporter, who lives in Lane Cove West, could not work out why his dog was barking so early on a Saturday morning. He investigated ad found a LIVE Yabby on his lawn. They could be quite common in Lane Cove, but ITC has never heard of this before.  How did the Yabby cross the road to get to Lane Cove West?


Speaking of crustaceans, a roving reporter noticed this funny code on a sign outside the Lane Cove Post Office – are you a Lane Cove Lobster?

A Helicopter Landing on the Lane Cove Golf Course

Thank god for the Careflight chopper.  In late 2015, a major accident on River Road near the golf course resulted in the care flight chopper landing on the Lane Cove Golf Course.

A Difficult Salvage

We get sent heaps of photos of cars being towed away, but this one was a bit different.  Northshore Towing had to bring in a crane to remove this car after an accident on River Road near the Golf Course

A Unique Parking Spot

We also receive many examples of “unusual” parking in Lane Cove, but this one was one of the best. The driver decided to pull up on the footpath across a pedestrian crossing.

Blood Moon

This stunning photo of the Blood Moon was taken by Stephen Miller – a man who wears many hats (some of you know him as the President of Lane Cove Rotary, and some of you know him as the Lane Cove Public’s Pedestrian Crossing Supervisor.

A New Bus Route

A roving reporter was stunned to see a bus trying to navigate the Best Street Complex.  There is only one way a bus is going to exit this complex, and it was by reversing.

A Wombat Vet

Not since Fatso the Wombat have we seen anything this cute, the North Shore Veterinary Hospital took care of this little guy or gal.

Last but not least…Sourdough on River Road

Since about September last year, someone has been leaving two Sourdough loaves at the same spot on River Road.  Interestingly they do seem to take holidays, and they were not active during the COV1D19 lockdown.  No one has seen it happen and they are usually there around 5.30 am on a Tuesday.  Why????4

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