Lane Cove News Week in Review 2nd to 8th August 2020

    It’s a wet and cold Sunday Night.  Sit back, relax and read our Lane Cove News week in the news.

    Telstra Issue

    Both In the Cove and ITC Lane Cove Chat were flooded last Sunday with people asking if Telstra was down.  Yes, it was.  At first, Telstra thought it was a malicious attack.  They later backtracked on that statement and said, “a massive messaging storm first presented as a Denial of Service cyber-attack has been investigated by our security teams and we now believe that it was not malicious, but a Domain Name Server issue.”  Some households were still having issues on Monday.

    Liftgate #3

    What is it about Lane Cove and lifts?  The lift at the Lane Cove Bus Interchange is regularly out of service (and will probably be out of service tomorrow as it floods regularly).  The lifts at Lane Cove Market Square are always on the blink and now we have Lift Issue Number 3.  The Lift that services the overpass connecting The Quartet Apartment with The Canopy is playing up.  It gets stuck (see our cover photo).  This problem was reported to ITC this week and we first had a report of the same issue on 17th July 2020 (we immediately notified Lane Cove Council).  Lane Cove Council advised us they have referred the issue to the lift supplier, and it is being investigated.

    COVID-19 Update

    There is still community transmission in NSW and a number of cases that cannot be traced back to a source.  It is important to register when you are using facilities and services.

    Lane Cove Council has joined forces with Shiftlineup, a Lane Cove West-based company, to produce an electronic COVID-19 Customer and Visitor Registration System.

    Forty local food businesses are already on board to use urhere which Council has made available to local businesses free of charge. You will start to see businesses in the area displaying a unique QR code which you can scan to register your visit.

    This is a great initiative by Lane Cove Council as we have all seen the benefit of having the name of patrons when a COVID-19 positive case visits a pub or restaurant.  Read More here.

    Now if only Lane Cove Council would do something about limiting the number of people in a lift at The Canopy. Some signage would not go astray.

    Remember if you feel sick or have any symptoms – get tested right away.  Details on where to get tested here.

    Number Twos in Bushland

    This week we were advised the following:

    “Maybe it’s a COVID-19 thing and people are too scared to use public toilets or petrol station toilets.. but please don’t do number twos in the bush land where volunteers are regenerating native Bushland areas… this continues to happen in Moore Street Lane Cove, you are being watched. ITC will not allow me to post photos of the offenders. But Council has been notified.”

    If you see someone doing this please report it to crime stoppers.

    Massive Speed Camera Fines

    We are not sure how many Lane Cove residents actually use the Lane Cove Tunnel, but if you do make sure you keep an eye on the speed limit.  The Lane Cove Tunnel Camera between Mowbray Rd and the Pacific Highway raked in $3.9million  from 14,609 tickets over the last 12 months.

    Business Alerts

    Many Lane Cove residents will be pleased to know that St Vinnies on Longueville Road re-opened on Friday 7th August 2020.

    New Burger Bar

    This week a new burger called Two Jays Burger Bar opened next to NiBu Cafe in The Village Shopping Centre across from the Old Coles. They have taken over the old Caesars Pizza Place. They used to be located in Chatswood.

    Akira Lane Cove

    After a big break, Akira Lane Cove reopened this week.  It is located above The Cake Man.


    Calling All Lane Cove Artists

    Are you artistic? Perhaps you have a hidden painting talent you would like to make public. Why not enter the Lane Cove Council and Lane Cove Art Society annual arts award? Entries close Monday 17 August 2020.

    Successful entries will be exhibited at Gallery Lane Cove from 28 August – 12 September, with Awards, presented on opening night 28 August.

    Awards are presented in seven categories; Lane Cove Art Prize; Oils or Acrylics; Watercolours; Pastels Drawings or Prints; The Patron’s Prize; The Baytree by Ardency Prize; and Hyecorp Property Group Prize.

    More details here.

    Lane Cove Golf Club Redevelopment

    You only have until 16th August to have your say on the planned redevelopment of the Lane Cove Golf Club.  More details here.

    Crime and Incident Report

    A car was broken into in Lane Cove North (Parklands Avenue) this week. If you can, park your car under lights and remember to report anyone acting suspiciously to Chatswood Police on 9414 8499.

    This week there was an attempted break-in at 12:30 am on Miramont Ave, Riverview. A person in a hoodie and sneakers walked down a driveway, entered the garage and was accessing a car. The person ran away quickly as soon as they heard the owner open the door to the garage and didn’t take anything. The owner did not see any other person or a getaway vehicle.

    The Diddy Intersection was in the wars again this week, one of the traffic lights was in a scrape with a car and a light was removed. It was pleasing to see it was fixed the next day.

    Be careful at the Dog Park on the corner of Epping Road and Centennial Avenue Lane Cove North.  Lots of glass has been discovered at the park (see below)

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