Warning Car Thefts and Car Break-Ins Lane Cove Area

    Last weekend there was a wave of car break-ins and at least one car theft reported to police.

    Car Break-Ins

    A few weeks ago Longueville had a wave of cars being broken into.

    Car Theft

    A BMW was stolen from a home in Longueville on the evening of 10 September 2020.   Offenders entered a home in Mary Street sometime after 10.30pm, locating the keys to the vehicle and driving it away.  The occupants were home at the time and did not discover the theft until the following morning.

    Anyone with information should contact police.

    How To Report These Incidents

    It is critical that you report these incidents (even if nothing is stolen).  You can report minor crimes online see more here.  It is important to report these incidents as it establishes a pattern and should have an impact on police presence.

    Steps to Lessen the Risk

    What steps can you take to lessen the risk of your car being broken into?

    DO NOT leave your vehicle unlocked when you are away from it, even for only a short period.

    Make sure all windows and doors are secured before leaving the vehicle. BE AWARE! It is an offence to leave your vehicle unsecured and unattended.

    PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES. Do not leave your property (including loose change, shopping bags, etc) in plain view in your vehicle, even when it is locked. Take your valuables with you or secure them in the glove box or in the boot compartment. Do not do this in the parking lot, as thieves could be monitoring the area.

    LOCK ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS. When you are in your vehicle, whether driving or waiting, make sure all the windows and doors are locked. This will make it difficult for opportunistic thieves to open the doors while you are stopped at traffic lights or waiting in a parking area.

    ENGRAVE YOUR PROPERTY with your name or driver’s licence and make a list of the serial number/s of your property.

    DO NOT leave important papers and credit cards in your vehicle.

    BE ON THE LOOKOUT for someone who is acting suspiciously, e.g. looking in windows/checking parked vehicles. Make a note of the person’s appearance, clothing, weapon (if any) and call the police immediately. You can report any crime or suspicious activities anonymously.

    INVEST  in Security Cameras, the costs of security cameras has decreased lately and you should speak to local experts Alert Locks and Security for some recommendations.

    LIGHTING.  Have a sensor light.  This tends to frighten people away.

    Please continue to inform ITC of these issues as we keep a track of them and liaise with North Shore Police Command. Always report issues to the police first.

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