Dyarra Murrama Guwing – The Sun Setting Red at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Space

Dyarra Murrama Guwing (the sun setting red) is an intergenerational exhibition celebrating NAIDOC Week 2020 at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Space.

The brainchild of Gallery Lane Cove’s curator Rachael Kiang, the exhibition was developed in collaboration and consultation with Aboriginal co-curator Kyra Kum-Sing to present
Aboriginal matrilineal perspectives and insights on environmental care.

As traditional custodians, the Aboriginal people have much to impart and
share in terms of how we relate to nature, flora and fauna.

The exhibition’s multi-narrative delves into the realignment of our
relationship with nature and offers insights into the process of healing and
renewal, particularly given the bushfire catastrophe in recent times.

Carmen Glynn Braun-My Mother’s Keeper, 2020 (Work-in-Progress) Image courtesy of the artist

Intergenerational Artists

A moving assertion of female strength and resilience, it features site-specific
works by the distinguished Aboriginal photographer Barbara McGrady
(Gamilaroi/Gomeroi Murri Yinah), respected multidisciplinary artist and
master weaver Nadeena Dixon (Wiradjuri, Yuin and Gadigal) and
talented emerging contemporary artist Carmen Glynn-Braun (Southern
Arrernte, Kaytetye, and Ammatyerre nations).

Nadeena Dixon, First Sunrise, Still Image from Animation

Co-curator Kyra Kum-Sing explained why she was keen to collaborate on this exhibition:

“ As Traditional Owner and Practitioner, I have vast experience in Matrilineal
law, ensuring all facets of women’s business is enshrined in the presentation
and adaptation of contemporary Aboriginal performance, art and life today.
Maintaining that strong connection and presence, between the very old and
the new.

This teaching has been handed down through the generations since time

As a Practitioner, it is part of who I am. It is part of what I do and practise today, under the presence, guidance and directions of senior knowledge holders within my bloodlines. My work may seem as one but I am just a vehicle entrusted to honour that matrilineal input is included in today’s patrilineal society. Maintaining the ecological interaction between earth, water, sky, people and spirit are aligned as one with the environment.”

Barbara McGrady, Rhonda Grovenor and Nadeen Dixon, Healing Our Spirit, Sydney, 2018

Exhibition Opening Times

The exhibition runs until 5th December 2020.

Gallery Lane Cove opening hours are:

Monday – Friday 10 am – 4.30 pm

Saturday 10am – 2.30 pm

Entry is free.

Panel Discussion with Artist

A panel discussion with the artists and co-curators will be held on Saturday 14 November at 11 am. Listen to artists Nadeena Dixon, Carmen Glynn-Braun and co-curator Kyra Kum-Sing discuss matrilineal storytelling on the issues of landcare and healing through the practice of Contemporary Art and the importance of exhibitions as a shared space to forge understanding. Facilitated by co-curator Rachael Kiang.  Further details here.

All events will observe Covid-19 safety measures and require online bookings.
This exhibition is proudly sponsored by Lane Cove Council and URM group.

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