Lane Cove State Electorate Boundaries Review

The NSW Electoral Commission is reviewing the 93 electoral districts in New South Wales. The boundaries will be redrawn, if necessary, to ensure the number of voters in each district is as even as possible. This process is called redistribution and is required by legislation to take place after every second New South Wales State general election. The last New South Wales redistribution was finalised in 2013, with the resulting boundaries in place for the 2015 and 2019 State elections.

The redistribution process is being administered by an independent three-member Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel, made up of the Chairperson, the Hon. Justice Arthur Emmett AO QC; the Electoral Commissioner for NSW, Mr John Schmidt; and the Surveyor-General of NSW, Mrs Narelle Underwood.

Redistribution is a whole-of-State process. The primary goal is to distribute the enrolled electors as evenly as possible across New South Wales. All suggestions and comments on suggestions received from the public will be considered by the Panel when deciding where the boundaries should be drawn,” said Justice Emmett.

Other factors taken into consideration include: demographic trends, community interests (economic, social and regional), means of communication and travel, physical features and area, mountains and other natural boundaries, and boundaries of existing districts.

Electoral Districts Review Suggestions.

Members of the public were invited to suggest changes to the current electoral boundaries and names.  Those suggestions were published on the NSW Electoral Commission’s website for public inspection and comment.

On 9th November 2020, the NSW Electoral Commission published Proposed district names and boundaries.  The public now has a 30 day period to submit any comments.

Anyone who would like to make a submission to the Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel relating to the draft determination of New South Wales electoral districts should do so in writing. The submission may be made on your own behalf, or on behalf of a group, organisation or political party.

Submissions relating to the draft determination should be lodged with the Redistribution Panel by one of the following methods no later than Wednesday, 9 December 2020:


Method Details Deadline


[email protected]

Please include a completed cover sheet* with your submission. Be sure to download and save the cover sheet before it.

No later than Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020
Post: The Secretariat of the Electoral Districts Redistribution Panel
c/o NSW Electoral Commission
GPO Box 832
Sydney NSW 2001Please include a completed cover sheet* with your submission. Be sure to download and save the cover sheet before completing it.

Lane Cove Electorate Suggested Redistribution

The Redistribution Panel proposes the following changes to the electoral district of Lane Cove:

  • Transfer part of the suburbs of Artarmon and St Leonards to the electoral district of Willoughby; and
  • Transfer part of the suburb of North Ryde from the electoral district of Ryde.

The suggested amendments align with the Lane Cove Council borders in so far as they relate to Artarmon and St Leonards.

Lane Cove District Redistribution 2020 Map

Lane Cove Electoral District of Lane Cove Redistribution Interactive Map here.

Lane Cove Distribution Suggestions Made between 1 June and 1 July 2020

There are a few suggestions for boundary changes to the Lane Cove electorate.  The major parties have suggested the following:

Liberal Partyread the full document here.



Australian Labor Partyread the full document here.

Red existing boundary and black suggested boundary.

The National Partyread the full document here.


The Greensread the full document here.

What happens next?

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