Why Lane Cove Dogs Should Be Vaccinated Against Leptospirosis

    If you own a dog you may have recently heard about a Crows Nest dog dying from Leptospirosis.  This case has highlighted a disease which is deadly and not one of the common diseases well known to dog owners.
    Last year there were a number of cases of Leptospirosis identified in the Inner West suburbs.
    The University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital noted on its Facebook Page that warm weather with heavy rainfall may result in conditions conducive to an increase in case numbers.
    Figtree Veterinary Clinic is advising clients to have their dog vaccinated against Leptospirosis as vaccination levels still remain low in Lane Cove and on the lower north shore.  They provided In the Cove with the following information.

    What are the symptoms?

    Leptospirosis in dogs initially causes very non-specific signs such as lethargy, elevated body temperature, vomiting and diarrhoea. It often progresses to symptoms consistent with liver and kidney failure.  Unfortunately, this condition can cause death and therefore it is very important that our dogs are protected as much as possible.

    How is Leptospirosis spread?

    Dogs become infected by being in contact with urine from rats or indirectly via contaminated (often stagnant) water or soil. They can also become infected by hunting and eating rats. Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease which means that humans can also become infected, which increases the importance of preventing the spread.

    What should you do?

    If you live within a 5km radius of Artarmon or Crows Nest, Figtree Veterinary Clinic recommends that you vaccinate your dog against Leptospirosis.

    Initially, it is a course of two vaccines approximately 2-4 weeks apart, followed by an annual booster vaccination.

    If you have any questions about this condition or the vaccination used to prevent it, please feel free to speak with a member of Figtree Veterinary Clinic on (02) 9428 4700.

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