Lane Cove Historical Society Announces their 2020 History Prize Winner

On  Sunday 15 November 2020 the Lane Cove Historical Society celebrated the acquisition of Carisbrook 50 years ago and announced their 2020 History Prize Winner.

Carisbrook House

Purchased as a house museum, Carisbrook remains an important reminder of Lane Cove’s past history.  Carisbrook is a survivor of a time when the land around the Lane Cove River was a world away from Sydney Town. Built in the 1880s from locally quarried sandstone, the house sits handsomely overlooking Burns Bay on the east and the Lane Cove River to the west.

Carisbrook was purchased by the Lane Cove Council as a gift to the Lane Cove community. A permanent conservation order was placed on the house by the Heritage Council of NSW in 1981. It is now maintained by Lane Cove Council and curated by the Lane Cove Historical Society.

Both Mr Trent Zimmerman, Federal Member for North Sydney and the Mayor of Lane Cove, Councillor Pam Palmer, spoke of the value of preserving Carisbrook as a part of our social history.

Find out more about Carisbrook House here.

Members of the public can tour Carisbrook House on Monthly Open Weekend.  The next weekend opening is 20/21 November 2020.  Tour the house and have coffee and cake.  More details here.

Lane Cove 2020 History Prize Winner Announced

Another aspect of celebrating local history occurred when the Lane Cove History Prize was awarded to Dr. Susan Ingham for her essay, “Hold Your course. The Participation of Women in the Lane Cove Sailing Clubs”.

This essay arose from Susan’s considerable personal interest in the emergence of sailing as a sport and in the participation of women in the sport.

Placed as it is on the Lane Cove River, the Lane Cove Council area has a well-established history of recreational sailing, dating from the 19th century. The first sailing club was created in 1918, while at least two others were formed in later years. Sailing was originally a men’s sport though over the years the participation of woman has been greatly enhanced.

A spokesperson for the Lane Cove Historical Society said:

“Overall Sue Ingham has written an engaging and lively account of the history of sailing in Lane Cove over the last century, demonstrating the ways women have become increasingly involved in the sport, while proving their excellence as sailors. In addition, they have helped to draw in children and broader family groups, all enjoying the pleasures of life on the water around Lane Cove. The essay is thoroughly researched and very well presented.”

In the video below Dr Sue Ingram discusses her prize-winning essay.

The current patron of the Lane Cove 12 Ft Sailing Club is Adrienne Cahalan OAM.  Last year she was inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame.  You can read more about Adrienne here.

Both the Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Club and Greenwich Sailing Club have learn to sail courses for kids.  Both boys and girls enjoy these courses.