Judo4Kids to Lane Cove

Judo4kids in Lane Cove is a great program for kids run by local Roman Garai . Roman is a member of UTS Judo and is passionate about Judo and promoting Judo as a fun and physical activity for kids.

Judo is an Olympic sport, and people like Roman work hard to promote Judo in Australia. The UTS Judo club is a not for profit club backed by Judo NSW and Judo Australia.

Roman, being a Lane Cove local, started Judo4Kids in Lane Cove at the start of this year and the kids love it.

Judo4Kids was launched in 2018, and Judo Australia is working hard to help grow and expand this program to engage as many Australian children as possible.

What is Judo4Kids?

​Judo4Kids is an introductory program combining fun and physical activity for children along with the learning of fundamental judo techniques, terminology and values; including friendship and respect, that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Judo has a strong moral culture that can enrich children’s lives from the mat to their everyday life. Judo4Kids is a fun and enjoyable way for children to learn Judo and benefit from the various social, physical and mental benefits that this great Olympic sport can provide. It helps with balance and co-ordination.  Roman told ITC that dancers like to do Judo as the balance/co-ordination skills they learn improves their dancing skills.

When you meet coaches Roman, Amber and head UTS Coach Semir Pepic, you will be instantly impressed at how they interact with the kids and inspire them to be active and have fun.​

​How Old Does Your Child Have to Be to Participate in Judo4Kids?

The programme is for kids between:

5 – 9 years

10- 15  years

Your child can participate just for fun, or they can use Judo4Kids as a launching pad for competitions in the future.

There is NO pressure it is about learning the fundamentals of Judo.  Judo does not involve kicking or punching.  It’s grappling and wrestling (and let’s face it kids love to grapple and wrestle so they should be taught how to do it safely).  Their motto is what happens on the mat, stays on the mat and not at home.  Both boys and girls enjoy the action at Judo4Kids in Lane Cove.

Will My Child Enjoy Judo?

One local mum Julie wrote the following on ITC Lane Cove Chat.

“Check out this video that my husband created for our amazing Judo school, Judo4Kids, run by a lane cove local Roman down at Blackman Park.

Note: We are not affiliated in any way except for being happy customers. This video was created by my husband to ‘support local’ and to help our school grow and recover from being shut down for so many weeks (during COVID-19). So many great skills, lessons learnt, and fun to be had through Judo. The more, the merrier!


Who are the Coaches?

All coaches have competed at the highest level.  Head Coach Semir Pepic has been training in Judo for over 25 years. He is a 4th Dan black belt and has studied Judo in Slovakia and Australia.

He represented Slovakia at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and then continued by representing Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games where he achieved 9th place. He again represented Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Roman has loved Judo since he was 8 years old and is a 2nd Dan black belt and competed in Slovakia for many years where he achieved numerous victories and accomplishments such as qualifying for the junior national team.

Amber McIndoe has competed at the World Championships, Oceania Championships and medalled at National Titles.

All three coaches hold a Judo International Coaching Licence; this means they can teach judo in any country in the world.

We are introducing another high profile Japanese female coach Yuki Uemura.

Yuki Uemura is a judo 2nd Dan in Japan and Australia, and started judo when she was 3. She has experienced coaching judo over 9 years in Japan and over 4 years in Sydney with excellent judo technique. 

Yuki was one of the NSW junior state coaches since 2019. Her students won school nationals, international open in Sydney, ACT and QLD.
* Gold in Japan High School National Championships in 2007,
* Practicing Judo Therapist and sports trainer in Japan.
* Personal trainer in Australia.
* ASCA strength conditioning coach level1.
Yuki teaches traditional Japanese judo for our students, and her ultimate aim is a future kids training exchange between Japan and Australian dojo. Yuki took 11 Judo NSW juniors to japan for 3 weeks as a training camp and it went very successful.

When Is it On?

Judo4Kids has classes on Saturdays from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm and Wednesday from 5.00 to 6.00 pm.  Your child can start Judo right now; they don’t have to start at the beginning of the term. Register them now to start a free trial on Saturdays (and you can do some sneaky Christmas shopping).  Book here.

Where Are the Classes held?

The classes are held at Blackman Park in the Blackman Park Scout Hall.

Is My Child Allowed to Attend for a Free Trial Class?

Yes, register here to book a free trial on Saturday mornings.  Your child just has to wear comfortable clothes, like a tracksuit.  They can go this Saturday or any Saturday right up until the end of the term.

What Does It Cost for a Term?

The price per Term is $260. 00. However, if you use the active kid’s voucher and “early bird” discount of $20, the cost is only $140. The Uniform is $70.00 (but your child only needs to buy a uniform if they book for a term).

School Holiday Programme

Roman can’t wait to tell you about their school holiday programme.  He told us it will be a Holiday Camp that is jammed pack with action and fun for kids (and some relief for parents  4 hours on a Saturday – Parent’s brunch yes please). The sessions are planned for two Saturday 16 January 2021 and  23rd January 2021.  Details will be in ITC’s School Holiday guide.

Contact Details

Address:  Blackman Park Scout Hall
Free Trial:  Book Here
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/utsjudolanecove/
Website: http://www.utsjudo.com.au/

This is a sponsored post, and we thank Roman and the UTS Judo Team for supporting In The Cove and being part of the ITC Business Supporter Community.  Without local support, we could not bring you local news and undertake advocacy and charity work in Lane Cove.

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