The Canopy Lane Cove FAQ’s

The Canopy has been a huge success, and Lane Cove residents are loving the new green space, playgrounds, restaurants and supermarkets.

Questions about The Canopy regularly appear on Lane Cove Chat by ITC, so we have put together a list of frequently asked questions.

Where is The Canopy located?

The Canopy is located at 2 Rosenthal Avenue, before The Canopy’s construction, the area was an open-air carpark.

How Do I Contact The Canopy Centre Manager?

The Canopy’s Centre Management is located on P2 (northern end). To contact Centre Management, please call 0468 515 371 during business hours.

I Lost or Found Some Property at The Canopy?

You can look for lost property or drop off some items you have found at the Canopy’s Centre Management office located on P2 (northern end).

How Do I Access the Car Park?

You access the car park via the roundabout at the intersection of Finlayson Street and Rosenthal Avenue. 

I have parked in Lane Cove Market Square Carpark (aka Woolworths Car Park) how do I get to the Canopy?

Take the lifts or escalator to the Lane Cove Market Square Ground Floor, turn right and walk out of the Lane Cove Market Square arcade.  You will walk past Cozy Cove cafe (stop and have some coffee (they even sell Turkish Coffee) if you like.

Turn right and then take the first left at the end of the Lane Cove Plaza Village Green and keep walking you will walk straight into The Canopy.

Ticketless Parking System

The Canopy Car Park (and all Lane Cove Car Parks) uses a ticketless parking system.    The ticketless system relies on number plate recognition.  Make sure you note the time you enter the carpark.  If you stay longer than the permitted time and exit without paying, you will be fined.

If you forget to pay, you have a three-day grace period to pay for parking at

You can also download the Ybern Park App for iPhone or Android.

What is the free time period before I have to pay?

P1 Pink Level – Express Parking

One hour free and then parking fees apply.

Only park on this level if you are sure you will be leaving within the hour.  There are cameras on the next levels, so you cannot park for one hour in P1 and then park for another three hours in P2 – P4.  The maximum time before charges apply is 3 hours.

P2 – P4 Levels – 3 Hour parking

Three hours free and then parking fees apply.

What if I Access the Car Park More Than Once A Day?

The time limits apply per entry.  The only exception is if you enter the car park within an hour of leaving the car park, time will accumulate.

Early Bird Parking

Early Bird parking is available 7 days a week on P4 with entry before 9:30 am and exit after 4:00 pm for only $7.50.

Free Parking after 6 pm

If you drive into the car park after 6 pm, parking is free.   However, if you enter at 5.55 pm (or any other time close to 6 pm) and stay for more than three hours, you will be charged for parking.

What are the Parking Rates?

1st hour after free period $7.00

2nd hour after free period $17.00

3rd hour after free period $24.00

+4 hours after free period $45.00

How do I pay if I exceed 1 or 3 hours?

You pay at the pay station located near the escalators.  You can also pay via the forgot to pay lane at the car park exit. The pay station at the exit is located on the right-hand side and is quite hard to see until you are nearly there, so slow down and you will see it.

If you think you may have exceeded the 1 hour or 3-hour free time limits, always use the forgot to pay lane and check.

If you have parked longer than the free time limit and leave the car park without paying you will be fined.   If you forget to pay, you have a three-day grace period to pay for parking at

You can also download the Ybern Park App for iPhone or Android.

Is Their Senior Parking and Parking for People with Disabilities?

The Canopy Car Park includes 14 disabled and 16 Seniors car parking space. They are located across the four levels of the underground car park which is supported by travelators and lifts to bring visitors to the retail and park levels.

Is there Parking for Parents with Prams?

8 Parents with Prams spaces are located across all levels.

When is the Car Park Open?

The Canopy car park is open from 6:00 am – 1:00 am, seven days a week.

Business Parking Permits

A yearly Business Parking Permit scheme is available for 50 Business parkers. Businesses are allowed to park on P4.

The cost is $1,800 per annum, per permit. The scheme allows for up to 50 business parkers.

To be eligible for a Business Parking Permit, the Applicant must operate a business permanently located in the Lane Cove town centre or is a staff member of that business. To see if you are eligible check the  Business Parking Centre map.

Find out more about the Conditions of the Business Parking Permit Scheme.

Businesses can apply for a permit online​.

BBQ Facilities

The BBQ area is located at the northern end of The Canopy (close to The Alcott)

Barbeques are available for the community to use on a first-in, best-dressed basis. The area is not available for commercial hire.  You are permitted to drink alcohol until 8 pm at night.  After this time the area (other than the restaurants) becomes an Alcohol-Free Zone – you can then always pop over to The Alcott to keep the party going.

Am I allowed to Walk My Dog Through the Canopy?

Yes, as long as your dog is kept on-leash at all times and you stay on the footpaths. Dogs are not permitted on the Village Green, within 10 metres of the playground or BBQ area and are not allowed in the downstairs supermarket area (Coles/ALDI).  Dogs cannot be left unattended at The Canopy.


The Canopy is host to a variety of playground equipment, suitably spread out to allow all ages to have their fun. A fantastic feature is the soft fall surfaces that surround the play equipment. There are two main areas – one for smaller kids and one for older kids.

An ITC follower reviewed The Canopy’s playgrounds and features – read more here.

Water Feature

On the southern end of The Canopy (on the Cake Man arcade side), there is a water feature that kids love to play in.  It goes off at 20 minutes past the hour.  Make sure you take a change of clothes as it is too tempting for some kids (and adults) and they WILL want to play in the water feature.


The Canopy Car Park has an end of use facility and bike parking racks on P1.  Cyclists must dismount when they enter The Canopy area but can ride on the Share Zone.  There are bike racks located on the Cake Man side of Birdwood Lane.


There are currently three restaurants open at The Canopy.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Coming Soon

Masala Kitchen
Sunset Diner

Electric Cars

Six electric vehicle charging stations are available on P3.  Do not park in these spots if you don’t have an electric car as you will be fined.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is also available on P1.

Shopping Trolleys

Shopping Trolleys have a mechanism which means they are disabled if they leave The Canopy area.  A permanent trolley is not situated at each trolley rack, so if you want to get your money back, you need to take it back to the ALDI store.

Spills and Cleaning

If you see an area that needs cleaning, contact the number below.

Leaving The Canopy area to Shop in the Lane Cove Village.

Did you know that Birdwood Lane is a shared zone?  A Shared Zone is a road shared by vehicles and pedestrians. A shared zone could also be called a pedestrian priority zone.  Cars must give way to pedestrians.

The maximum speed limit is 10 km/h.  10 km/h is close to the walking speed for most pedestrians.

The NSW guidelines for shared zones state it must have clearly different coloured and textured surface treatments from the surrounding roads.  RMS Guidelines state: “All new shared zones must be constructed without kerbs.”  According to experts, when you isolate drivers from people by a kerb, it is like saying: This is my space, and that is yours, so the driver drives faster.

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