Lane Cove News Week in Review 4th to 11th August 2021

Welcome to our week in review with up to date information on COVID19 as it impacts the Lane Cove Local Government Area.

COVID19 Lane Cove LGA Stats as of 8 pm 10th August 2021

Lane Cove has now recorded 7 (seven) cases in the last four weeks.

Set out below are details of the COVID19 cases recorded in our LGA, which includes all suburbs with a 2066 postcode and 2065 postcode (which includes Greenwich and other suburbs not in the LGA). These stats do not include that part of Lane Cove North located in Willoughby City Council (for those who live on the Mowbray school side of Mowbray Road).
The data below shows the postcodes where the cases live and includes an overseas acquired case.

COVID19 Press Conference  11 AUGUST 2021

NSW recorded 344 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8 pm last night.

Of these locally acquired cases, 115 are linked to a known case or cluster – 97 are household contacts, and 18 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 229 cases is under investigation.

Of the 344 locally acquired cases reported to 8 pm last night, seven are from Northern Sydney Local Health District.

One hundred and forty-three cases were isolated throughout their infectious period, and 36 were isolated for part of their infectious period. Sixty-five cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of 100 remains under investigation.

Local testing info here.

There are currently 374 COVID-19 cases admitted to the hospital, with 62 people in intensive care, 29 of whom require ventilation.

No new cases were acquired overseas in the 24 hours to 8 pm last night. The total number of cases in NSW since the beginning of the pandemic is now 11,713.

Sadly, NSW Health has been notified of two deaths of people with COVID-19.

A man in his 30s from northern Sydney died at Northern Beaches Hospital.

A man in his 90s from southwest Sydney died at Concord Hospital.

We extend our sincere sympathies to their loved ones.

This brings the number of COVID-related deaths to 34 during the current outbreak and the number of lives lost to 91 since the beginning of the pandemic.

There have been 6,149 locally acquired cases reported since 16 June 2021, when the first case in this recent outbreak was reported.

NSW Health administered a record 30,510 COVID-19 vaccines in the 24 hours to 8 pm last night, including 8,100 at the vaccination centre at Sydney Olympic Park.

The total number of vaccines administered in NSW is now 4,532,296, with 1,728,339 doses administered by NSW Health to 8 pm last night and 2,863,627 administered by the GP network and other providers to 11.59 pm on Monday 9 August 2021.

If you are directed to get tested for COVID‑19 or self-isolate at any time, you must follow the rules whether or not the venue or exposure setting is listed on the NSW Health website.

Police are asking for people to comply with Public Health Orders.

This week, the NSW Police patrolled The Canopy and reminded people not to gather in groups.

The police have released the statement below, but your fellow Lane Cove residents are also asking you to help with compliance. We are being inundated with people asking if we can remind people of the rule that you are not allowed to gather outside with more than 2 people (unless it is your household). That does not mean you can’t go out for exercise or recreation – but just don’t gather in big groups.

Many Lane Cove residents live near parks and bushland, and they are constantly seeing people having picnics and hanging out together. Yesterday, we were sent by several people a photo of a group of people having a serious picnic at one of our reserves. They had a picnic table, tablecloths, and more. If they were all from the same family, they could have had the same celebration in their backyard – but it was very doubtful they were from the same family.

If we comply with the Public Health Orders and get vaccinated, we will have our freedom back. In the meantime, scan in and mask up.

Police Statement

“Police are calling for compliance with the Public Health Orders to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

High-visibility operations are continuing across NSW to target compliance with restrictions under the Public Health Act, including stay-at-home and self-isolation orders, wearing of face masks, use of QR codes, and conducting proactive patrols and responding to responding reports to Crime Stoppers.

Officers across NSW will continue to conduct high-visibility operations to support the community in ensuring compliance with the Public Health Orders.

Anyone who has information regarding individuals or businesses in contravention of a COVID-19-related ministerial direction is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.”

Exposure Site Information for Casual Contacts

NSW Health has changed the way it notifies exposure sites for new casual contact venues of concern associated with confirmed cases of COVID‑19.

There are now more casual contact exposure sites in Suburbs near Lane Cove where people may shop, including Chatswood, Macquarie, Ryde, Gladesville and Top Ryde.

To view these new venues, please visit…/nsw-covid…/exposure-locations

Anyone who visited one of these venues at times listed is a casual contact and must immediately get tested and isolate until a negative result is received.

Please get tested even if you have had a test in recent days. If your exposure at this venue was in the past four days, you must get another test on day five from the date of exposure. Wear a mask around others and limit your movements until you get another negative result. You should continue to monitor for symptoms and if any symptoms appear, get tested and isolate again.

Please continue to check this page regularly, as the list of venues of concern and relevant health advice are being updated as new cases emerge and investigations continue.

Anyone with even the mildest of cold-like symptoms is urged to immediately come forward for testing and isolate until a negative result is received.

Vaccination Stats

Thank you to Councillor Andrew Zbik for the graphic below. Keep it up, Lane Cove. The North Sydney/Hornsby area is leading the way in getting the vaccine. #1morejabforlanecove

Last week the stats were 51.9% One Dose and 26.9% Fully vaccinated.

Natural Grass at Bob Campbell Oval Association

The Natural Grass at Bob Campell Oval Association is asking anyone who is not happy with the Lane Cove Council’s decision to forge ahead and turn Bob Campbell Oval into a synthetic grass oval to register to join their campaign at or email at [email protected].

At the Lane Cove Council ExtraOrdinary Meeting on 2nd August 2021, 33 speakers representing a broad cross-section of the community spoke about LCC’s plans at Bob Campbell Oval; all but two speakers asked the Lane Cove Council not to proceed with the synthetic oval.

At least five of the speakers were soccer players, and they did not want the oval to change from natural turf. Others spoke about how Bob Campbell is the only decent open space in East ward and acts as the “village green”, representing the heart of the community. One person from Longueville said they would be horrified if the main oval in Longueville was converted to a synthetic pitch.

A few people spoke about how the proposed design breaks up the space and would corral non-players into a narrow corridor along the edges of the proposed playing pitch. Children spoke about birds’ food sources and how they did not want to play on artificial turf. One speaker raised concerns about mental health issues and how it is important to maintain a natural environment.

The Lane Cove Council Councillors voted 4 in favour and 4 against the proposal.

Colour Lane Cove

Last year it was rainbows and bears – this year, we just want Lane Cove to be colourful (bonus points if you come up with a colour that is hard to find).

All you need to do is put something colourful on your fence, in your garden, on your balcony or in your window, and then the kids of Lane Cove can mark them off on our checklist. Download the checklist here

Make sure you let us know about them with the hashtag #colourlanecove

Let your friends know.

Girl Injured – Greenwich

Yesterday, a 9-year-old girl was rescued after falling two metres from a tree swing and landing on Greenwich rocks.

Water police took the girl to Greenwich Wharf, where she was stretchered into an ambulance. She was taken to the Children’s Hospital suffering back pain.

Crime/Accident/Incident Report

Chatswood Police has provided the following update about police incidents in the lower north shore and the Public Health Order Infringement Notices.

Lane Cove 7/8/2021 

A 37-year-old Lane Cove woman has been arrested for high range drink driving while driving with her four-year-old child in the back seat.  Around 10 pm on Saturday, Police were patrolling on Rosenthal Avenue when they came across a collision involving a Mazda CX5 and a parked vehicle.  When Police stopped and spoke with the driver, they noticed a strong smell of liquor.  The driver was arrested after producing a positive roadside breath test and was taken to Chatswood Police Station, where a further breath analysis produced a result of 0.206.  The woman is due to face Hornsby Court in September.

Crows Nest 6/8/21 

Police were patrolling in Crows Nest around 6.00 pm when they heard a popping sound which they suspected to be from a gel blaster. Police made their way to level 4 of a car park, where they observed a 15-year-old boy from Wollstonecraft holding a gel blaster and loading gel rounds into the magazine. Police seized the gel blaster along with two magazines, informing the youth they are prohibited weapons.  The boy’s mother was contacted, and he will be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act and given a caution.


A 43-year-old Chatswood woman spoke to Police on Sunday, 8 August reporting that she has been scammed out of thousands of dollars through a romance scam.  Romance scammers will usually meet their victims online then groom them online over a period of months, promising to meet with them one day.  The scammers will then claim to be in some type of crisis situation overseas and ask to borrow money from the victim, playing on their emotions.

Covid Infringement

Roseville 7/8/21

A 47-year-old Potts Point man has been infringed for breaching the public health order when he was found placing posters on a fence on Boundary Road around 5 pm on Saturday 7 August.  The man claimed to have an exemption. However, Police deemed that the work was not essential and not exempt.

Roseville 7/8/21 

A Roseville man was infringed on Saturday, 7 August, for allegedly riding his bike to Vaucluse and Manly, outside the permitted distance from home that you are allowed to go for exercise.  It is further alleged that the man posted the entire ride on social media.

Cremorne Point 6/8/21 

A Mosman man has been infringed for visiting a friend in Cremorne Point.  Police located the man around 11 pm on Friday night in a unit in Milson Road where he allegedly said, “I just wanted to see my friend.”

Kirribilli  8/8/21

Around 2.30 pm on Sunday 8 August, Police stopped a vehicle on Ellamang Avenue when they observed three people in the vehicle.   All three people in the vehicle were infringed for breaching the Public Health Order by carpooling with someone from a different household.  The driver was also found to have a suspended licence and received a Court Attendance Notice for Driving While Suspended.

Lane Cove

A 34-year-old man from Zetland and a 19-year-old woman from North Ryde received infringement notices for breaching the Public Health Orders.  Police located the man and woman sitting in a vehicle in Burns Bay Road around 9 pm on 5 August.  Neither were able to provide a reasonable excuse for being out.

Our Cover Photo

Our Cover Photo is the new public art on the back wall of the Lane Cove Newsagency facing The Canopy.  Lane Cove Council commissioned Kim Siew to paint a mural called The Daily.  Kim told ITC about her inspiration below:

It was so fun to paint, especially at the moment. The mural is titled ‘The Daily’, with a playful reference to the news agency that resides within the walls. It also highlights the little routines that we create for ourselves to maintain a sense of connection with each other. Whether it’s stopping for a coffee from our local, taking a walk along the neighbourhood streets and nature, or stopping to read the paper within The Canopy. These little habitual comforts are familiar to us all. The letters in the mural don’t have a meaning, I thought they could be part of the 9 letter word the man is puzzling over in the paper. 🙂

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