Lane Cove Local Christine Staniforth launches know+GROW

Christine Staniforth has owned our local Gymbaroo for the past 8 years.

As many of you would know, its been a busy business and books out very quickly each term. Then everything got flipped upside down when COVID19 hit, Gymbaroo had to shut down temporarily.

Lockdown was the perfect time to launch her newest venture, know+GROW. (special discount fo rITC followers at the end of the article).

know+GROW is a toy store boasting a carefully curated range for children from 0-6yrs old. The philosophy behind the store is smart toys for growing minds.

Backed by two and a half decades of Early Childhood Education experience, Know+Grow helps parents and carers shop with confidence and peace of mind.

During Gymbaroo classes Christine would always share her top picks of toys that were not only fun, but also educational, safe, supported emotional growth and satisfied sensory needs.

From time to time she would sell some toys at her front desk, so during lockdown she thought its time to expand and take it beyond Lane Cove and start her online store filled with her curated pick of toys.

“Over the years, I saw many parents struggle to navigate what seems to feel at times infinite resources of information, methodologies and the ’shoulds’ and‘ shouldnt’s’. 

A common question I was asked by many overwhelmed parents is ‘What toys do I need for my child Christine?'”

know+GROW was created to support parents to ease the shopping stress for age-appropriate toys and feel confident in their purchases.

This is a bespoke website and the toys are carefully curated for children under six years of age.

Each range and piece have been selected to help your child’s growth and development.

Christine has focussed on supporting as many Australian businesses as possible and all toys meet the Australian Toy Safety Standards.

As a mother of 3, these are my personal hand picked items I would have used with my little ones.

Backed by two and a half decades of Early Childhood Education experience, know+GROW helps parents and carers shop with confidence and peace of mind.
Each toy available at know+GROW has been carefully hand selected for its:
  • Quality
  • Educational Function
  • Emotional Growth
  • Safety
  • Aesthetic
  • Environmental Impact

What we do as parents to help our children meet milestones is greatly achieved through ‘play’. Play is a major priority to a child and is not only essential to their development but crucial for healthy growth. Through play we can encourage children to develop their:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Dexterity
  • Physical growth
  • Cognitive ability
  • Emotional strength

Children also develop sensory integration through adaptable responses which build their intelligence. Lastly, play is healthy and vital for their little brain’s development, promoting neuroplasticity, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills along with executive functioning skills.

The early years are where many of these lifelong skills are learned and developed.

Chrstine hopes know+GROW contributes to raising the next generation of happy, playful children and supporting them to know and then GROW.
Below is a sample of some of the wonderful toys on offer:

ITC’s favourite know+Grow toys

We had a look at the five to six age group and we loved the range.  We were blown away that there was a vlogger kit, a DJ mixing set and a shaving kit and more.  Well done Christine if only ITC had young kids again.  Our favourites below:

Christine is giving you 10% off when you spend $200 or more for all ITC followers using the code ITC2021LAUNCHSALE

Contact Details

Facebook: knowandgrowau
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