Meet Lane Cove’s Very Own Mr Melbourne Cup

Max Hitchins lives in Riverview and is known as MelbourneCupMax and/or Mr Melbourne Cup.

Max knows that many Australians just like being able to say “I backed the winner of the Melbourne Cup.”  Hence, In 1987 he decided to find a better and less costly format to be able to do this.  Max decided to see if he could whittle the likely chances down to just six horses instead of 24. He advises, “Have a small each-way bet on these six horses and you should be ably to say you backed the winner of the Melbourne Cup.”  Max’s system has worked 27 out of the last 33 years. Not perfect…but not bad!

Chris Smith from SkyNew sand Radio 2GB told his National audience that Max Hitchins knows more about the Melbourne Cup than anyone else in the world.

Max can tell you which horses ran 1st, 2nd and 3r for the last 100 years.   Max spends 400 hours each year studying the horses likely to run in the Melbourne Cup.

Max Hitchins lives in Riverview. He’s often seen in the Lane Cove Plaza and Coffee Shops…and he loves sharing stories about the Melbourne Cup.

Mr Melbourne Cup is a Living Melbourne Cup Encyclopedia

Max has horse racing in his blood.  His father was a Moree bookmaker and a publican who absolutely loved the Melbourne Cup. Unfortunately, his Dad died at the age of 52 and Max and his brother were pitchforked into running a very heavily indebted Moree pub that his Dad had purchased not long before his death. Max wasn’t even legally old enough to drink. It took them ten years to trade out of financial trouble….but they did it!

No doubt inheriting the love of the Melbourne Cup from his Dad, Max is a living, breathing Melbourne Cup encyclopedia.  He is Mr Melbourne Cup as he can recall the names of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in the last 100 Melbourne Cups. As a professional speaker, he entertains and regales audiences with his multitude of Melbourne Cup anecdotes. Eg. His Mother in law who always backed the winner of the Melbourne Cup every year because she put a $1.00 on every single horse in the race.

Pick the Winner

That started Max wondering how many people, just like his Mother-In-law, simply want to be able to say “I backed the winner of the Melbourne Cup.” 

Max rarely goes to the races and is only interested in one race – The Melbourne Cup.

How does Max reduce the field to six horse? You’ll find this in the Max’s System.  He has 10 ‘Secrets’ to the System.  Here are the first 3. 

#1. I research the Melbourne Cup 365 days a year. My research for the 2017 Melbourne Cup began the day after the 2016 Melbourne Cup. On this day, I began my “computer scrap book” for the 2017 Melbourne Cup.

#2. I have a “Google alert” set up on my computer. Anything that is written about the Melbourne Cup, anywhere in the world, it is delivered to my computer the following day.

#3. I also have a Twitter search set up for #MelbourneCup. I check this several times a day and as Tuesday the 7th of November 2017 draws closer I will check it many times a day.

As mentioned above you can download the system for FREE at

Max Hitchins with Richard Pegum (on the right) who was the syndicate head for Brew when he won the 2000 Melbourne Cup.
Max Hitchins with Richard Pegum
(on the right) who was the syndicate head for Brew when he won the 2000 Melbourne Cup.

Max Teaches the VRC a Lesson

But perhaps the most fascinating part about Mr Melbourne Cup is his commitment to the Internet and how that lead him to the VRC.  

In 1995, at a Business Breakfast, Max listened to the Futurist Speaker – Craig Rispin – talking about a ‘new thing’ called the Internet.  After the breakfast, Max gathered three friends together say “I think this thing called the Internet is going to be pretty big. I think we should learn as much as we can about it.” So they started having two hour monthly sessions with Craig to learn ‘all there was to know’ about the the Internet.  Max is now in his 23rd year of having monthly sessions with Craig Rispin learning all there is to know about the Internet! 

In 1995 Max approached the VRC asking for support of his hard copy book Fact, Fiction and Fables of the Melbourne Cup. He said he also wanted to introduce the VRC to something that would change the way the market the Melbourne Cup for the next 50 years – the Internet.  His approach fell on ‘deaf ears’ and was rejected.

So Max did the only thing he could think of at that time…and that was to register the name Seven years later Max did what he calls ‘the best deal of his life’ when he sold the website to the VRC.  Max tells that part of the deal was the VRC committed to taking his wife and family down to the Melbourne for the next six years. They were provided with 5 star accommodation and tickets to the Members Stand for Derby Day, Melbourne Cup Day and Ladies Day.   

How to Get on Board with Max’s System

Max now writes two Melbourne Cup eBooks that you can buy and download immediately.

How To Pick The Winner Of The 2020 Melbourne Cup $10.95

The Melbourne Cup tips will be in the Members Only section of this site (accessed by a password from the eBook) by 8.00 am on Melbourne Cup Day the  3rd November. 

Trifecta Thoughts for the 2020 Melbourne Cup $6.85

(And other Exotic betting Ideas)

CLICK HERE to order.

Alternatively, Max happily shares his Melbourne Cup system and invites anyone to CLICK HERE to download it for FREE.

Also, part of Max’s research and form assessments he assembles videos on Melbourne Cup horses.  This is particularly helpful in these days of so many international horses  in each Melbourne Cup.  (Max expects there will only be three Aussie bred horses in the 2020 Melbourne Cup.)

CLICK HERE to see this need to know information.

How Long Have Has Max Lived in the Lane Cove Area?

Max moved from Moree in 1972 and purchased a home in Lane Cove. Although Max has not moved since he purchased his home in Lane Cove, his section of the suburb from around 2000 was renamed Riverview. 

What Does Max Like About Living in Lane Cove?

Max loves the ‘friendly’ area. He loves going to the Cafe’s, Coffee Shops and Restaurants in Lane Cove.  He enjoys running into people he knows and having a chat. He also loves to welcome new people to the area. Max’s kids grew up in Lane Cove.   

If you’re like ITC and have a flutter once a year, then you might want to get on board with Max and his system.  Gamble responsibly, have a small flutter and remember there is never a 100% chance of picking a winner of any horse race.

Family in Lane Cove

Max’s three daughters went to school in Lane Cove and one of them Salle Hitchins runs a bespoke Candle business in Lane Cove where you can purchase amazing statement candles.  This year she has personalised candle boxes!!!!

They also sell Recipes in a Jar – check this out.


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