Lane Cove Council Elections – a New Look Council

Article Updated 8 December 2021

With about 80% of the votes counted in each Lane Cove Council Ward, it looks like a swing against the Liberal Party and a huge informal vote.

Most political pundits are putting the huge informal vote down to the fact that volunteers were not allowed to hand out how to vote cards near the polling stations.  This may have led to confusion about voting above and below the line.

The ABC Election site curated by Antony Green has noted the following swings as at 4.30 pm (after iVotes had been counted)

West Ward

It looks like the following will be elected to West Ward:  Andrew Zbik, Scott Bennison and Rochelle Flood.  Rochelle will be the youngest person on Lane Cove Council for a considerable period of time.

Central Ward

It looks like the following will represent Central Ward:  Kathy Mort, Bridget Kennedy and Kathy Bryla



East Ward

It looks like the following will represent East Ward:  Merri Southwood, David Brooks Horn and David Rosenfeldt or Frances Vissel.


It is possible that there could be some changes as more postal votes need to be counted (with postal votes usually favouring the conservative parties).  It will be about two weeks before final election results will be known.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Election Day was pretty chaotic, with allegations of posters being ripped down, candidates being parked in, and cars being egged.  Read More Here.

Congratulations to our new councillors.

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