Lane Cove News Week in Review 19th to 26 January 2022

Welcome to our week in review.

Lane Cove Council Extraordinary Meeting – 24th January 2022

Bob Campbell Oval

The Lane Cove Council held an extraordinary council meeting to discuss the future of Bob Campbell Oval (BCO) – a synthetic turf or an improved natural turf?

Lane Cove Council voted 8 : 1 to retain a natural grass surface at BCO.  The only councillor to vote against the motion was Councillor Scott Bennison.  The motion to review the BCO masterplan was tabled by three east ward councillors (David Brooks-Horne, David Roenfeldt and Merri Southwood).  Despite the motion being prepared by all three east ward councillors, Scott Bennison fired away numerous questions at many councillors but did not request any comment or statements from David Brooks-Horne (both are Liberal party endorsed members of Lane Cove Council.)

The motion requires Lane Cove Council to submit a new Bob Campbell Masterplan with an upgraded natural turf oval.  The new Masterplan will be developed by a working party which will include the Mayor, Lane Cove Council’s General Manager, and representatives of the Greenwich Sports Club, resident’s association and other members the Mayor and the General Manager appoint.

Prior to the meeting, Lane Cove’s local member and Minister for Planning Anthony Roberts released a media statement advising the grant that had been obtained for the upgrade of BCO will remain in place and it is up to the community to decide the oval’s surface which best suits the communiity’s needs.  Background information here.

Indoor Sports and Recreation Facility

A matter of urgency was raised by Councilllor Rochelle Flood in relation to the Development Application for the indoor sports and recreation facility proposed be located at the Lane Cove Golf Course (where the existing buildings are).  The Lane Cove Council voted 8 : 1 on a motion requesting Lane Cove Council’s General Manger to ask the Sydney North Planning Panel (SNPP) to delay its determination of the Development Application lodged by Council last year.  This would allow the 6 new Councillors time to properly consider community concerns about environmental and traffic factors and to review other potential locations – including a joint project with other Willougbhy City Council and North Sydney Council.  The councillors were concerned that a business case for the project has not been developed and further council time and money was being spent on a proposal without a business case approved by councillors.

If the SNPP was unable or unwilling to delay its determination of the DA, Council confirmed its commitment to consider other options for the indoor sport and recreation facility. The resolution further acknowledged that if the DA was approved it would not prevent Lane Cove Councl from further consulting with the community and considering all options.

Wet Weather

The wet weather has continued.  When rain saturates the ground, this can lead to trees coming down and that is what happened on Epping Road this week (see our cover photo).

A large tree branch also came down on Kullah Parade Lane Cove North.

One unlucky vehicle owner came back to their car at Blackman Park to discover a tree had fallen on their car (photo below).

New Business Alert

Fill and Chill will take over the old Bar Blaq space (the bar located on the first floor of the Bakers Delight/Cake Man arcade and overlooking the Lane Cove Village Plaza Rotunda).

It will be a cocktail and wine bar specializing in signature cocktails, classic cocktails, wine, beer and bar snacks.

They are also hiring! – Job details here.

They told ITC:

“We are able to seat 120 people. With a great balcony area overlooking the busy Lane Cove promenade.

The floor will be hosting live music in the future and also Friday and Saturday nights we will be employing djs to do a bit of a party vibe. Top 40, dance, r and b and retro. Will be a fun time. We will also be able to host events and private functions.

We will be open from Wednesday to Saturday in the beginning with plans to expand.”

Lane Cove Local Legend – Merv Cardelli

This week Lane Cove local Merv Cardelli celebrated his 100th birthday.

Merv has been a long time member of the Lane Cove Bowling and Recreation Club. The club held a birthday party for Merv on the weekend and Merv’s sons, Robert and John, spoke glowingly of the wonderful upbringing they had under Merv’s guidance. Eldest grandson Brian also had wonderful memories to share with all about his beloved grandfather. Mal Knight covered Merv’s contribution to the Club both as a great player and committee member.

Merv responded eloquently expressing his gratitude and joy in having such a wonderful family and supportive friends.

Merv still lives in Lane Cove at St Columba’s Lane Cove.

On Anzac Day 2020 the Lane Cove RSL sub branch invited Robert Cardelli to speak about his father at the Lane Cove ANZAC Day service.

You can read about Merv’s amazing life here.

Update on Lane Cove Buses

We have had several ITC readers ask why bus routes 251 and 253 were removed from the transport info website. Previously the timetables had been showing that they were not operating due to COVID19 staff shortages.

Transport for NSW has advised it is anticipated that they will be back in service at the end of January, however, all dedicated school buses will work to their regular timetable.

If you are applying for a school concession card (for the first time only) you need to choose Busways as the operator of Region 7 (the region that includes buses servicing Lane Cove)

Read more here.

Willoughby By-Election

The NSW Electoral Commission has announced that the Willoughby State By-election will be on 12 February 2022. Some Lane Cove North residents live in this electorate. See the map below – Willoughby Electorate in Grey

As a COVID-19 safety measure, the NSW Electoral Commissioner has determineed ALL electors are entitled to vote by post and a postal vote will be sent to all Willoughbhy voters

Voters can choose to vote via post, or in person at voting centres. People using postal voting are encouraged to make sure they follow the instructions in the pack to complete their postal vote before 6pm, Saturday, 12 February, and get their ballot papers back by the cut-off for accepting postal votes on Friday, 25 February.

All voting centres will be run in line with COVID-safe election guidelines including wearing of masks for staff and voters, physical distancing, single-use pens, queue management and QR code check in. Signage and staff will direct attendees to check in using the Service NSW app and comply with NSW Health advice on physical distancing.

Further information about the State by-elections is available at


Drive Safely

Many Lane Cove residents will be heading back from holidays this week (just in time to do the Officeworks, School shoes dash and grab before school starts). Be careful out there on the roads we want to see you back in Lane Cove!!

The NSW Police have increased their road presence and released the following press release:

“Police have today launched a high-visibility traffic operation to keep road users safe across the state during Australia Day and for the remainder of the school holidays.

Operation Australia Day 2022 commenced at 00.01am today (Friday 21 January 2022) and will run until 11.59pm on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

While double demerits won’t apply during the operation, additional police will be deployed across both metropolitan and regional areas in NSW, to keep the community safe over the busy period.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Police, Paul Toole, said the absence of double demerits isn’t an excuse for drivers to flout the rules.

“Police will take a zero-tolerance approach to road users endangering the lives of others through careless behaviour such as drink driving and speeding,” said Deputy Premier Toole.

“We want everyone to arrive at their destination safely and enjoy Australia Day and the remainder of the holidays before school returns.

“In the spirt of Australia Day, let’s show comradery and look out for each other on our roads by slowing down, driving to the conditions, being patient, and not driving under the influence.”

Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Assistant Commissioner Stephen Hegarty said the Australia Day operation has been extended this year to cover the days leading up to school returning.

“We are expecting roads across the state to be busy as people celebrate Australia Day and families return from travel destinations ahead of the start of school early next month,” Assistant Commissioner Hegarty said.

“Traffic and Highway Patrol Command will be targeting everything from drinking and drug driving to speeding and fatigue, in a bid to keep you and your loved ones safe.

“But we need your help – if you see anyone breaking the rules and endangering lives, please report it to Crime Stoppers and police will investigate,” AC Hegarty said.

Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward said it was important anyone travelling over coming days takes extra care on our roads.

“It’s a good idea before you get on the road to visit to plan your trip and check for any delays that might be happening along your planned route,” Mrs Ward said.

“There are also a number of simple measures you can take to help keep yourself and other road users safe. Make sure you are well rested, give yourself plenty of time so you aren’t rushing to get where you need to be, and never drive if you’re affected by drugs or alcohol.”

Lane Cove Crime and Incident Report

Break in Lane Cove West

A house was broken into in Lane Cove West (while the family was on holidays) and the house was trashed while the intruders looked for valuables.  The family involved posted a warning on Lane Cove Chat by ITC.
Police forsenics have checked the house for fingerprints.

Back to School

ITC has a list of amazing local activities for kids of all ages. Term 1 activities are ready to book!  Check out our Back to School Term 1 Activities from Toddlers to Teens – there is something for everyone inlcuding dance, drama, art, sport, martial arts and more.  Read more here.

Lane Cove’s Young Enterpreneurs

ITC loves supporting Lane Cove young entrepreneurs.  Our photo below is Lauren and she is a mixologist. She will come to your party and mix up some amazing cocktails.

Support a Lane Cove local and follow her on instagram at @eden_mixology.

This was a party for Miss ITC (outdoors of course) we teamed the cocktails with a cheese box from Lily another young entrepreneur from @theboujeeboardss.

ITC would love to feature more young Lane Cove entrepreneurs. If you’re under 27 and live in Lane Cove and have a business with an ABN and insurance we would love to give you a chance to appear in our article on Lane Cove’s Young Entrepreneurs where you will receive free promotion of your business to give your business a boost. Email us your details at [email protected].