2022 Daylight Savings Reminder and Safety Check

    With clocks going back an hour this morning (3 April 2022) it’s a good idea to check your house and property is ready for the approaching winter months.

    Winter might be a couple of months away, but this weekend offers the perfect opportunity to do the annual pre-winter check.

    Check Your Smoke Detectors

    When you change your clocks, take a second to check your smoke alarm. It’s as simple as pressing a button. Don’t risk it, test it.

    Check out this stats:

    • 2019 Winter fire data shows that almost 25% of smoke alarms did not operate in house fires. Our Commissioner Paul Baxter urges the community to check that your smoke alarm is working!
    • Many smoke alarms installed before or in the couple of years since 2010 are now starting to reach the end of their 10 year working life. Test your batteries and replace your alarms if needed. Working smoke alarms help save lives.

    Working smoke alarms help save lives. You must have at least one working smoke alarm on each level of the home placed between bedrooms and living areas, It’s the law.

    Check Your Chimney

    “Having your chimney checked and swept ahead of winter is an important step to reduce the chance of a house fire.

    Test Your Appliances

    Make sure you test non-electric heaters for gas or carbon monoxide leaks, and make sure all electric heating appliances are free of dust and have cables and plugs that are undamaged. Heaters use more energy than standard appliances so check they are plugged straight into a wall socket to avoid overloading double adaptors

    Double Check electric blankets are in good working order and install timers to ensure they’re not accidentally left on.

    Outside the House

    Check roofs and gutters to make sure they are well maintained and clear of debris and leaf litter.  A list of local tradies is here so they can clean your gutter.

    Trim overhanging branches and remove dead or dying trees to reduce the likelihood of damage during storms.  Make sure you check with Lane Cove Council to see how much you can prune your tree before you need council approval.

    Sleep in on Sunday as you have an extra hour as you turn back your clocks.


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