Lane Cove News Week in Review 22nd to 29th June 2022

Welcome to our Lane Cove News week in review.  Last week there were two Lane Cove Council meetings.

Lane Cove Council Meetings

The Extraordinary General Meeting related to a St Leonards South Development – read more here.

The June Monthly meeting agenda items can be found here.

Items of interest include the following:

Larger Fines for Developers

Lane Cove Council will request the Local Government Association lobby for larger fines for developers by introducing a sliding scale of penalties that address continued and ongoing breaches.

The background to this request is below:

“The concerns raised by local communities regarding breaches of development consent conditions continue to increase. The areas of major concern are inadequate silt & sediment controls, noncompliance with Traffic Management Plans, breaches of hours of construction and illegal works.

Local Government has long objected to the NSW Private Certification system which is failing communities. Private Certifier’s inability to act and/or willingness to enforce development consent conditions is impacting local areas.

The current infringement system while considered efficient is not a deterrent to builders to comply with the regulations. Councils are experiencing ongoing problems with building sites even after the issuing of infringement notices (fines). It is clear that builders ignore the fines and view them as part of the costs of construction. No real improvement in behaviour is being achieved under the current system.

The NSW Government and the Department of Planning are urged to introduce a sliding scale of infringement penalties (fines) for continued and ongoing breaches.”

Traffic Committee Agenda Items

The following recommendations were deferred to a councillor workshop:

  • Install two 100 mm high-speed cushions on Bridge Street
  • Council install 20m of ‘No Stopping’ around the bend on Mindarie Street  Council install approximately 50m of ‘No Parking’ on each side of Mindarie Street south of Mowbray Road to the bend in Mindarie Street
  • a decision about installing ‘2P; 8 am-6 pm; Mon-Fri’ parking restrictions.

Lane Cove Public School Working Bee

Well done to the staff and parents of Lane Cove Public School who held a working bee last Sunday morning. Snags were provided by Anthony Roberts and David Brooks Horne arranged for Lane Cove Council to deliver mulch.

Jobs and Volunteering

There are several local jobs listed on our local jobs board and if you are interested in volunteering

The Red Cross Shop in Lane Cove is looking for volunteers. You can apply here.

Huge Garage Sale 23 July 2022 – Save the Date

The St Michaels Church Huge Garage Sale is BACK. They will be accepting donations as per below and at the times below. Now is a great time to clean out your house.

For the garage sale, they accept most clean, saleable items except for computers and outdated electronic equipment, clothes, soft toys, lounges, computer desks and cots.

Please drop off goods for sale at the Parish Hall from 11 July to 20 July on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8.30-9.30 am and 2.30-3.30 pm.

Any enquiries please call Frances de Jong 0420 289 057.

ITC is a proud sponsor of this charity event with all proceeds going to Caritas Australia.

New Business Alert

The Cook And Baker are coming to Lane Cove. They will be inside Harris Farm (which is due to open sometime in July). The Cook and Baker told ITC:

“Our freshly baked goods rise with the sun each morning, crafted in our kitchens by our team of bakers and chefs. Food brings joy and we love being able to bring joy to our customers and connect with our community. Our food is famous for its flavours and our service for its smile. Every item we make is borne out of our passion for great produce and food

Taste is central to everything we make – every ingredient is carefully considered. We make everything from scratch each day, no substitute, no compromises. We represent a return to food favourites with a modern organic touch. You will like what you see in our stores and you will love what you taste.

Welcome to The Cook and Baker

  • Created with thought
  • Made with love
  • Shared with pleasure”

Roads and Traffic Forum – Save the Date

The preferred date for the Roads and Traffic Forum is 7 pm on 20 July 2022. Save the date, and more information will be published shortly.

Anthony Roberts will be hosting a community consultation session for residents in conjunction with In The Cove on traffic and road issues.

Anthony Roberts and In the Cove have been working on this session since his office got in touch a couple of months ago, and we would love as much community participation as possible.

Young Children and the Flu Vaccine

Respiratory illnesses such as flu, COVID-19 and RSV are causing a high number of hospitalisations of young children, including those who were previously well.
In the last month, 4x the number of children were admitted to Sydney’s two children’s hospitals with flu than with COVID-19, with around 5% of those needing ICU care.
With high levels of illness circulating in the community, children under 5 years of age have a greater risk of serious illness this winter. Young children under 2 years, in particular, have very little immunity against respiratory illnesses due to reduced exposure.
Behaviours like keeping hands clean (washing and/or using sanitiser) and meeting outdoors help protect against all respiratory illnesses. It is also important to stay home when unwell to reduce the spread to other people.
The FREE flu shot is your child’s best protection against severe flu. Call your GP and get your child their flu shot today.

Have Your Say on Henningham Playground

Henningham Playground (next to the Greenwich Public School (3 – 6 years) is due for an upgrade and you can have your say on how you think it should be upgraded.
The consultation runs from Thursday 16 June to Sunday 17 July 2022. ​
Lane Cove Council has developed a community survey to help them to determine the needs and desires of local residents and visitors to the park. Complete the online survey here
You can also have your say by making a submission to the General Manager quoting the reference SU8817: Post: Lane Cove Council, PO Box 20, Lane Cove NSW 1595 Email: [email protected]
Find out more about this playground here


Lane Cove in the News

Lane Cove Company EnGeneIC has developed a vaccine that provides immunity against all COVID19 variants. It is currently undergoing clinical trials.
It was featured on Channel Nine news last night and the story features Lane Cove Local Prof Stan Sidhu and former member for Lane Cove Kerry Chikarovski

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At Apple Dental they invest in technology to give you the best experience and the best outcome.

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Our cover photo was snapped by an ITC reader and shows a glorious rainbow over Lane Cove Public School.

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