Meet Charlotte the Cement Truck – A Book By Lane Cove Local Phillip Coleman

Kids love reading about trucks and cars and now they can read about Charlotte the Cement Mixer.  Charlotte’s Dream is written by Phillip Coleman and illustrator Monica Gonzales Caton.

What Is the Book About?

It’s a children’s story and picture book for kids under 7.

Charlotte was a busy cement mixer truck. She loved her job delivering concrete around Sydney but sometimes dreamed of something different.

The story follows Charlotte and her human friends Oliver,  Amelia, Mia,  William, Emma and Noah as she is transformed into a tourist vehicle and lives a very different life.

Charlotte travels around Australia exploring our unique landscapes and wildlife.

How Long Did the Book Take to Write?

It’s only about 600 words, so there was not much keyboard time after I settled on a story. Finding a really good illustrator took some time.

We then worked together slowly, creating the illustrations one by one over about a year.

Her illustrations employ a unique watercolour wash style which was developed especially for the book.

Are any Follow Up Books Planned?

This is my first book and I would love to do another. There is certainly scope for Charlotte to have further adventures.

What Inspires You To Write?

I wanted to create a book that was uplifting in what have been difficult times for many people. It’s a story with themes of resilience, renewal, optimism and adaptability. I hope that the book may, in a small way, help young children cope with change.

How Long Have You Lived in Lane Cove?

I have lived in Laen Cove for 39 years in the same house. The previous owners were here for about 45 years, and I hope to exceed that.  Lane Cove has so much to offer.

What is Your Favourite Thing to Do in Lane Cove?

I love to kayak from Burns Bay to the weir near Fullers Bridge and back. It’s also a great paddle from the Lane Cove River out into the harbour.

What is Your Favourite Coffee Shop?

“Story” in Birdwood Lane makes a great take-out coffee, and the Canopy area is a vibrant place to sit and enjoy it.

Where Can We Purchase the Book?

The book can be viewed and purchased online at: and is also available at Burns Bay Bookery.

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