Wendy Middleton from A Cut Above Catering 5 Tips On Making Sure Your Fruit and Veg Don’t Go to Waste

For 18 years, Wendy Middleton has been operating Lane Cove Catering business, A Cut Above Catering. 

Wendy is a double threat. She is a brilliant caterer and a qualified nutritionist.

A Cut Above Catering is well known throughout the North Shore for its delicious food that is beautifully presented.

With the rising costs of fruit and vegetables, it is a shame to let them have a holiday in your fridge and then throw them out when they are brown.   Wendy has tips on how to make sure your fruit and veg does not go to waste.

Wendy said ” Growing up my mother gave veggies ‘palliative care’ (my dad’s description btw). She’d store them in the fridge, then after a while, she’d rewrap and store them again, then do this a few times before throwing them out. Obviously, we weren’t great veggie eaters!”

Here are a few ways to use produce that is starting to wilt and look a little sad:


Grate and add to bolognese for an extra serve of veggies. Or make these Zucchini & Haloumi Fritters.


Blanch or steam then whiz in a food processor or blender. Store in portions in freezer bags ready to add to frittatas, bolognese or smoothies. Or use for this super healthy Green Flaxseed Bread.

Apples and Pears

Wendy recommends you stew these as it’s so easy. Simply chop into cubes and place in a small saucepan. Add enough water to cover apples roughly a third of the way up. Then add a teaspoon of cinnamon. Stir well and put the lid on. Cook on low to medium heat until soft. You can find the exact recipe here.


Peel those brown bananas and store in snap lock bags in the freezer to add to your smoothie. Or make this Banana Coconut Bread. This also has dates in it, so it’s good for those of us who are not big banana lovers.

Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonally helps to keep costs down plus the nutrient levels are higher in produce when they are fresh and haven’t been stored for months. Produce is also most flavoursome when in season.

You’ll find delicious seasonal salads, such as our Spiced Pumpkin, Candied Walnuts & Whipped Feta Salad on Wendy’s Winter Share Platter Menu.

A Cut Above Catering

Find out more about Wendy Middleton and A Cut Above Catering here.

A Cut Above Nutrition

Wendy is also the founder of A Cut Above Nutrition.

Wendy has been operating A Cut Above Nutrition for five years.  As well as her love of entertaining, Wendy has always had a fascination with the health benefits of food and became a qualified nutritionist in 2016.

A Cut Above Catering and A Cut Above Nutrition are complementary businesses. Many of Wendy’s catering clients and their guests have food intolerances.  She uses her skills as a qualified nutritionist to adapt menus to accommodate guests who have special dietary requirements. Many of her menu items are gluten-free.

Wendy’s knowledge of the health benefits of food combined with her cooking skills brings her nutrition clients success in changing their diet to improve their health. She also loves to inspire others to cook.

Wendy offers online nutrition consultations. To book go to A Cut Above Nutrition.

Contact Details

Wendy Middleton
Caterer and Nutritionist
Adv Dip Nut Med, ATMS 50532
Phone: 0403 861 117
Web: wwwacutabovecatering.com.au www.acutabovenutrition.com.au
Email:  [email protected]
Facebook: @acutabovenutriton
Instagram: @acutabovenutriton

A Cut Above Catering and A Cut Above Nutrition are ITC Business Supporters. ITC has known Wendy for a long time and has been at many functions she has catered. We always enjoy watching Wendy share her healthy love of food.