50 Things You Can Borrow from The Sydney Library of Things

    The Sydney Library of Things recently held its long-awaited launch party at The Coal Loader at Waverton on 16 August 2022.

    North Sydney Councillors Felicity Wilson (Member for North Shore), Coal Loader staff and Library volunteers were at the launch party to hear about the first nine months of operation and plans for the future. The Boujee Boards provided the launch party food and an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from Dan Murphy’s The Cellar Lane Cove.

    The Sydney Library of Things has been operating for nine months and has almost 200 items in the library.   Since that time, the Library has made 234 loans.

    The Most Popular Items Borrowed are

    • High-Pressure Water Washer
    • Hedger
    • Room dehumidifier
    • Food dehydrator
    • Paper Shredder
    • Bread Maker
    • Ice Cream Maker

    Now more than ever, we need a library of things. The cost of living is rising. How can you try new things or grab some much-needed equipment without spending much money? The answer is The Sydney Library of Things!!

    The Sydney Library of Things has useful, fun and unique items. Why buy when you can borrow? How many times have you purchased an item, used it once or twice, and then it has sat in your Garage for years? That item will eventually end up in landfill.

    The Sydney Library of Things also allows you to try before you buy.

    You can join The Sydney Library of Things for as little as $30 (quarterly membership) and borrow up to five items per week without further fees!!

    From the nearly 200 items, below are 50 items that you may want to borrow:

    1. Air Blower  
    2. Air Mattress
    3. Baguette Baking Tray
    4. Bench Grinder and Belt Sander
    5. Blender Juicer
    6. Board Games
    7. Bolt Extractor
    8. Boules
    9. Breadmaker
    10. Bunting
    11. Cake Tins (Giant Cupcake, Bundt and Soccer Ball)
    12. Camping Tent
    13. Crutches
    14. Dehumidifier
    15. Drill
    16. Finska
    17. Flamingoes (decorative)
    18. Fog Machine
    19. Fold Up Trestle Table
    20. Frozen Party Decoration Pack
    21. Glue Gun
    22. Gazebo
    23. Glass Tumblers
    24. Hedger
    25. High Tea Cups and 3 Tier Stand
    26. Ice Cream Maker
    27. Induction Hot Plate and Pots
    28. Inflatable Row Boat
    29. Lint Remover – Rechargable
    30. Mallet
    31. Metal Detector
    32. Nest of Billies
    33. Children’s Party Set
    34. Pasta Maker
    35. Planer
    36. Popcorn Maker
    37. Pressure Cooker
    38. Projector
    39. Puppy Crate
    40. Saw Horses
    41. Stand Mixer
    42. Steam Cleaner
    43. Tarp
    44. Teepee Tent Set – 7 Tents
    45. Toolset
    46. Traffic Cones
    47. Trolley
    48. Whetstone
    49. Work Lights
    50. Yoghurt Maker

    Thank you again to our launch sponsors – The Boujee Boards and Dan Murphy’s The Cellar Lane Cove.

    Launch Food provided by The Boujee Boards
    North Sydney Councillors Felicity Wilson and Volunteers toasting The Sydney Library of Things with drinks donated by The Dan Murphy Cellar at Lane Cove – the glasses are available to borrow from The Sydney Library of Things.

    Contact Details

    Address: The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability 2 Balls Head Dr, Waverton NSW 2060
    Website:  www.thesydneylibraryofthings.org.au
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: @thesydneylibraryofthings
    Instagram: @thesydneylibraryofthings