Lane Cove Art Society’s Art Prize Winners Announced – Chance to See and Buy Artworks by Local Artists

    The Lane Cove Art Society 57th Annual Art Award opened on Friday 26th August 2022.  The exhibition is showing at Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios until 10 September 2022.

    Pop into the exhibition to see local art. This is a great opportunity to enjoy and buy art created by local artists in a wide variety of styles and mediums.

    The winners are as follows:

    LANE COVE COUNCIL: ART PRIZE Winner: $6,000 Donated by Lane Cove Council

    No. 21 – Alex Clarke, Beyond The Edge
    “Wonderful balance in composition, dynamic and engaging.”


    Winner: $2,000 Donated by Hyecorp Property Group
    No. 30 – Michelle de Jong, Crossroads
    “Interesting dynamic work, which has a unique quality of line.”

    Winner: $2,000 Donated by Rebecca Mitchell – Raine & Horne, Lower North Shore

    No. 22 – Anne Cockle, Mist Over
    “Dynamic use of paint, lovely subtle layers. An energy that lights up the space.”

    Highly Commended

    No. 105 – Vivienne McDonald, But Can We Pick Them? Commended
    No. 51 – Jo Goodchild, Sun Valley

    SECTION 2: WATERCOLOURS Winner: $1,500 Donated by Lane Cove Council

    No. 87 – Violetta Kurbanova, Light
    “Well considered brushmarks that dance in the light.”

    Highly Commended

    No 153 – Judith Slaughter, Schouten Island Commended
    No. 135 – Kate Rolshoven, Spaces Within


    Winner: $1,500 Donated by Lane Cove Council
    No. 158 – Phoebe Stone, All My Friends Are In Italy; Sardines For Supper “Wonderful simple composition and marks that draw you in plus lovely layers of subtle colour”.

    Highly Commended

    No. 18 – Janet Cheetham, Swimming Hole Commended

    No. 75 – Margaret Kelly, La Chiesa

    SECTION 4: THE PATRON’S PRIZE (ACQUISITIVE) Scene in or around Sydney.

    Winner: $500 Donated by Lane Cove Art Society Patron, Ian Longbottom

    No. 58 – Daria Hahn, Wahroonga Bushwalk
    “An atmospheric painting with beautiful light. The viewer is invited into the landscape.”

    Highly Commended

    No. 4 – Marina Bishop, Three Trees, High Summer Commended
    No. 31 – Julie Debray, National Park Bushland

    Lane Cove Art Society Members only.
    A artist cannot win the Ardency Prize more than once in 3 years.

    Winner: $2,000 Donated by The Baytree by Ardency, Greenwich No. 191 – Ania Zmijewska, Autumn
    “Lovely texture and subdued palette that really works.”

    Highly Commended

    No. 138 – Michael Ryan, Bleached coral – a ghostly transparent skeleton

    No. 33 – Dana Dion, Forest Path

    Cover Photo Artwork by Cilla Davis.

    Lane Cove Art Society

    The aim of the Lane Cove Art Society is to encourage, recognise and reward artistic talent in the community. They warmly welcome new members – all you need to have is an interest in art.

    The Lane Cove Art Society meets on the 4th TUESDAY of every month (except January and December). The meetings open at 7:00 pm with time to meet and talk prior to the meeting getting underway.

    At each meeting, there is a demonstration or talk by a well-known artist or guest speaker. Anyone interested in art is welcome to attend – the demonstration commences at about 7:30 pm and lasts up to 90minutes.

    Meetings are held at the LANE COVE SPORTING CLUB aka ‘THE DIDDY’. Corner Kenneth Street and River Road, Longueville

    The Lane Cove Art Society also holds two exhibitions yearly as well as workshops, visits to galleries or artists’ studios, and mini-exhibitions for members.

    Exhitibion Contact Details and Hours

    Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Saturday and 10.00 to 2.30 pm

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