Lane Cove News Week in Review 14th September to 21 September 2022

Welcome to our Lane Cove News week in review.

Sydney Water Burst Mains Continue

Just when we thought we were out of the woods, on 16th September 2022, parts of Artarmon were without water again due to a pipe issue on Francis Street just off Hampden Road.  At least this time, residents were able to track the issue on the water outage page.


Burst water pipes at Artarmon

On Monday 19 September 2022, a water main burst at Blacktown which resulted in a large amount of water on the road and footpath.   Is this lack of maintenance or some other reasons why we are seeing water pipe issues?   The good news is that Sydney Water started communicating with customers very quickly after the water main burst.

Sydney Water Website Issues

ITC advised Sydney Water their water outage page was giving customers the wrong information.  We made first contact with Sydney Water in February 2022. Despite numerous attempts to contact Sydney Water to discuss the issue – they did not return calls or acknowledge there was a major technical issue.

By failing to fix up this technical issue, their customer service team was put under pressure responding to calls about water supply issues.  If the website had been fixed a simple google search using the keywords “Sydney water outage” would have provide information.

On Monday 19th September 2022, water was turned off in Artarmon to fix issues that stemmed from the burst water main on Epping Road (10 to 14 September 2022).

ITC was advised that the Artarmon Shops had no water.

We put in the address of Nick Logan Pharmacist Advice Artarmon (a really good pharmacy ITC has hired some medical devices from here when we could not find them in Lane Cove) and the website search result provided information about the outage.

ITC has still not been able to find out about scheduled maintenance (which you need to know about even if your water is on – road works etc) and I have put in a media request to see if that can be fixed.

There are still some glitches that have not been fixed, for example, you must put an address to search for water outages.  The drop-down box does not provide a complete list of Sydney streets and addresses.  See the notification below – Sydney Water notes that they have completed work around 125 Main Street Blacktown.  However when you search 125 Main Street Blacktown, the results come back with – “We Can’t Check this Property”.

When you search 125 Main Street Blacktown, the results come back with – “We Can’t Check this Property”.

Lane Cove Planning Panel Meets To Determine Modified DA for 60 Cliff Road Northwood

The current owner of 62 Cliff Road Northwood (a historic house that recently burnt down and is being treated as suspicious) is Y F Chen, and the house next door, 60 Cliff Road, is owned by XH Li and OY Chen.

A Development Application was lodged for 60 Cliff Road Northwood in 2021, and the DA was refused by the Local Planning Panel in 2021.

A section 8.2 Review of Determination – New Dwelling house was lodged on 5 July 2022.
Lane Cove Council must submit a report to the Local Planning Panel either supporting a proposal or providing grounds as to why a proposal should not be approved.
The plans submitted for this review show the 60 Cliff Road Northwood redevelopment plans have been scaled back in size and bulk.   Lane Cove Council has recommended the development application be approved.
On 20 September 2022 members of the Lane Cove Local Planning Panel undertook a site visit.  Their findings have not been published (as of 21 September 2022).
In the Cove is making NO suggestion that the Development Application for 60 Cliff Road and the Arson investigation are linked.
Read more here.


Spring Weed Spraying – Lane Cove Council

Lane Cove Council contractors have commenced Broadleaf Weed and Bindii Spraying in some Lane Cove parks and open spaces and this will take place throughout September.  The herbicide to be used for small parks and open spaces will be Stadium.

Notification signs are being put out at the major entrances to the parks at least one week before spraying. The spray time will be updated immediately before the pesticide application and remain in place until the park is reopened for public use later that day. The public is requested to follow on-site signage and not to use the parks on the day until re-entry is permitted.

In the past, numerous residents have contacted ITC to complain about parks being sprayed without proper signage.  In particular, the notice used to be printed on flimsy paper that deteriorated if it rained.

At at 2019 Lane Cove Council meeting ITC asked Lane Cove Council to improved their signage.   You will see that the 2022 signage is easier to spot and is laminated.

You can read about the background to pesticide notifications in Lane Cove here.

Moore Street Gates

The Moore Street Gates are closed at night and opened after 9 am on weekdays. This is to stop rat running through Lane Cove West streets. The gatesare not always opened on time, this leads to queues along Barwon Road Lane Cove West.  ITC posted about the gates still being locked after 9.00 am.  A post about these gates always results in locals reminding drivers of a little-known rule about turning into a bus lane.  Drivers are allowed to turn into a bus lane – if you leave the bus lane within 100 m.  Read more here.

Moore Street Gates Photo Taken in July 2020

Tantallon Oval Clubhouse Upgraded

On Saturday 17th September 2022 the new Tantallon Oval clubhouse facilities were opened.  The facilities were able to be upgraded due to Federal, State and local government funding.  Local sports teams such as the Lane Cove Junior Rugby Club, Lane Cove Rugby,  Lane Cove Tigers Junior Rugby League Club and the Lane Cove Cricket Club worked together to raise funds and present building proposals to Lane Cove Council.    We have it on good authority that the sound system works at the oval, and some tweaking of the volume might be needed.


Lane Cove Festival

The Lane Cove Festival is in full swing, and last weekend was another bumper weekend of activities.

In the Cove is a community sponsor partner of the Lane Cove Festival. A vibrant Lane Cove is a great Lane Cove. Read more about the Festival events here.

Big Family Fun Ride

As part of the Festival, the Big Family Fun Ride took place with riders packing into Cameraygal Park to take a family bike ride to Blackman Park and then have a BBQ (see our cover photo).

Gallery Lane Cove – UNCOVERED: Northwood, Lloyd Rees and Beyond

Gallery Lane Cove + Creative Studios in partnership with Macquarie University Art Gallery is presenting UNCOVERED: Northwood, Lloyd Rees and Beyond.

The exhibition features an exciting and unexpected new discovery, a rare collection of life drawings by renowned Australian artist Lloyd Rees now held in the Macquarie University Art Collection.

Shown to the public for the first time, the drawings pertain to the celebrated Northwood sketch club Lloyd Rees attended every Thursday evening at John Santry’s house that was situated nearby.

The exhibitio opened last Friday night.


St Michael’s Parish Celebrates 100 Years

The St Michael’s parish celebrated its centenary on 18th September 2022.  A Centenary Mass presided by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP (who went to St Michael’s School Lane Cove).  The event included Morning tea with the Archbishop and other dignitaries such as Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales, Member for Lane Cove the Hon Anthony Roberts and Mayor of Lane Cove Andrew Zbik.

Later that day, there was a Centenary family lunch at Ramsay Hall, St Ignatius Riverview College.

Pictured below are Father Sam Lynch and the Principal of St Michael’s Primary School – Ms Jacqueline Lee.  There is a special celebration planned at the school on Friday 23rd September 2022.

Lane Cove Sport

Lane Cove Netball Club’s Summer Skills Program is open for registration!!

The skills program is on Tuesdays at Lane Cove Public School – 1-hour sessions for 9 weeks in Term 4 11 October to 12 December 2022.

You don’t need to be a member of the Lane Cove Netball Club to register.

Numbers are capped so don’t miss out.

Active Kids vouchers accepted.

The Club is also offering a FREE TRIAL for anyone who would like to attend the first session. If you decide to proceed, then you’d go ahead and register and pay the full term’s fee.

For full details click here.

Lane Cove Gives Back

Check this out!! Joyce from Bakers Delight is running this initiative for local nurses.

If you want to help with this initiative, please pop over to Bakers Delight and buy a bun.

This is not only a generous offer BUT from a local business owner who last week could not operate her bakery at full capacity for three days due to low water pressure. At one stage, she had to carry buckets of water from the lovely staff at Sunset Diner and ended up hurting her shoulder/collarbone.

Let’s give a Lane Cove local business owner some support.


Double Demerits – National Day of Mourning

Due to the National Day of Mourning for Her Majesty The Queen on Thursday 22 September, double demerits will be in place from midnight, Wednesday 21 September 2022 to midnight, Sunday 25 September 2022.

Please note that Friday 23 September 2022 is a school day therefore double demerit points will apply to all relevant school zone offences committed on that day.

Volunteer Opportunity

Community Connect Transport Team has told ITC the following:

“Our friendly team is in need of volunteers to assist our not-for-profit organisation in Crows Nest. Community Connect Transport supports members of our local community assisting those that require transport services to medical appointments, hospitals, social outings, shopping & general bus trips. Our organisation has expanded and requires volunteers for social bus outings and administration/customer liaison. If you would like to enrol as a volunteer contact us. Fully vaccinated essential.”

Details here.

It’s Been Busy at ITC

You may have noticed in the last two weeks ITC had not been able to cover our typical topics as we have been inundated with the water crisis and the aftermath.

Our very small team had to drop everything we could and put all resources into this important issue that was not getting any news coverage until ITC got involved. The timing could not be worse as our team was on limited resources… one of our team members had a baby, one was on a much-needed holiday and one was a volunteer for the Lane Cove Fun Run…

Sorry if we missed your messages, did not reply back to emails or just forgot to do something!

We are back now, sifting through a week’s worth of messages and emails.

But we did it and we just want to say thank you!

And an extra thank you to those who have shouted us a coffee or just made a financial contribution to ITC. We are a small team and would love to grow and your support means the world to us!

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Crime Incident and Accident Report


An ITC reader is looking for CCTV or dashcam vision relating to an incident on Pheonix Street between 12.00 pm and 2.50 pm on Monday 19th September 2022. The incident relates to a vehicle parked on Pheonix Street near Kindy Cove Lane Cove.  If anyone saw any suspicious behaviour it would be appreciated if you could contact [email protected]

If you live around Kindy Cove on Pheonix Street or you drove past between those times – please could you review CCTV or dashcam footage – contact us if you see any suspicious behaviour.


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