Lane Cove Council February 2023 Meeting

    The Lane Cove Council February 2023 Meeting will be held on Thursday, 23 February 2023.

    Listed below are the agenda items for the meeting.

    Have Your Say – Be Part of the Process

    Residents can write to Councillors on any agenda item or issue. The email address that will reach all Councillors is: [email protected].

    Public members are invited to attend the public forum of the meeting in-person or online, commencing at 7:00 pm.
    If you would like to speak at the Council meeting (in-person or online), register via this online form no later than midnight on Wednesday, 22 February 2023  Even if you do not register by this time, if you attend the Lane Cove Council meeting, Mayor Andrew Zbik always asks if there is anyone who has not registered but would like to speak.

    A Zoom meeting link will be emailed to the provided email address.

    A time limit of three (3) minutes per public forum address applies.

    Council meetings are live-streamed and viewable via the webcast on this website.


    Mayoral Minutes

    Mayoral Minute – St Ignatius’ College Riverview Public Foreshore Access Recommendation

    On Thursday 9th February, the Executive Manager Open Space & Urban Services – Martin Terescenko and The Mayor, met with the Principal of Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview, Dr. Paul Hine, and some members of the College’s Executive team.

    The purpose of the Mayoral Minute is to provide an update to the community that Lane Cove Council and Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview are in discussions about what is appropriate to maintain public access to the foreshore across the Lane Cove River.

    The meeting pariticipants discussed the School’s plans in regard to public access to their two campuses. In particular, we discussed and focused our conversations around public access to the foreshore.

    Upon meeting with representatives of the College, the Mayor can confirm the following:-

    1. The school has obligations under their duty of care to the students and boarders who live on both campuses to ensure that they are kept in a safe environment. This is the main legislative and regulatory reason why access is restricted to the grounds to members of the public without school related or wharf use purposes throughout the school term.
    2. The school confirmed that the fencing along Riverview Street and Tambourine Bay Road is in place to allow the hedges to mature, providing a landscaped perimeter to the school.
    3. The school will continue to provide access to the College’s grounds to members of the broader community during school holidays when students are not on campus. Members of the community are asked to be respectful of the grounds and observe signage at the gate entrances such as keeping clear of College buildings and facilities, keeping dogs on leads and tidying up after them etc.
    4. The school will be maintaining pedestrian access through the campus to the Riverview wharf for access to the ferry on the Lane Cove River. Signage will appear over the coming weeks to support community access to the wharf.
    5. The school and Council staff have agreed to work together to discuss how safe access can be provided to the foreshore for members of the community throughout the year, noting the need to balance the requirements of the school to protect and care for their students who are participating in their regular school functions and extracurricular activities.
    6. A key point of note on the Foreshore walk was that the pathway was unstable and unidentifiable in some areas. The College is supportive of a meeting with Council to discuss how this could be improved.
    7. A major area of risk and concern from the College is that the Foreshore walk trail proceeds through the school’s rowing shed training area that is regularly occupied by students. The College is supportive of a meeting with Council to discuss further how risk can be minimised.

    Council and the college also discussed Bushcare of the local bushland facing on to Tambourine Bay.

    A further meeting will be organised between Council staff and representatives of the College.


    Notices of Motion

    Notice of Motion – Acceptance of Invitation of North Sydney Council to Join St Leonards/Crows Nest 2036 Plan – Cross LGA Border Working Party Recommendation

    This notice of motion is moved by Councillors Southwood and Kennedy.

    The St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan (2036 Plan) requires the St Leonards Crows Nest Precinct to absorb significant increases in residential and commercial density.

    The density prescribed in the 2036 Plan has generated demands for open space and recreational facilities that the North Sydney, Willoughby and Lane Cove LGAs in isolation cannot meet.

    It is timely for the three LGAs to identify and address the needs of the whole of St Leonards and Crows Nest as a precinct, irrespective of local government boundaries, in order to identify ways (and projects) to collaborate to deliver open space, recreational and community facilities to meet the needs of the existing and future population.

    Officer Reports for Determination

    Finalisation of Bob Campbell Oval Masterplan Recommendation

    The Masterplan for Bob Campbell Oval (below) is recommended for adoption for the purposes of moving to the next stage of detail design documentation for tender.

    Conversion of the Council Chambers into a Multifunction Performance Space Recommendation

    A workshop was held on Tuesday 31 January 2023 with representatives attending from eight local cultural groups and also two interested community members. The feedback is outlined in a report to council which will be considered further as part of the detailed planning and design phase.

    It is recommended Council include the conversion of the Council Chambers into a Performance space targeting theatrical style productions into the 2023/24 Operational and Delivery Plan and Budget, consider if Council meetings should move permanently from the current Council Chambers location, once the detailed planning and design phase is completed and in June 2023 seek submissions from interested community members to be part of a reference group to assist in the planning for the project.

    Consultation Results on the Draft Community Engagement Strategy Recommendation

    The Draft Community Engagement Strategy was developed following a series of community consultation workshop sessions with interested local residents. These sessions occurred in mid 2022 and identified a need for Council to review its current community engagement practices so they reflect the expectations of today’s community.

    The results of the community consultation sessions, together with feedback received from several Councillors was reported to Council on 18 August 2022. At that meeting, Council resolved to prepare an Action Plan to address the issues raised during the workshop sessions.

    A further report was submitted for Council’s consideration on 24 November 2022 where Council endorsed a Draft Community Engagement Strategy for community consultation purposes. The Draft Community Engagement Strategy was developed to guide Council’s approach to community engagement. More specifically, it articulates Council’s commitment to the IPA2 Framework, outlines our approach to community engagement (what, why, where, when and how) and contains key objectives and actions as integral components of an Implementation Approach.

    Finalisation of Urban Forest Strategy Recommendation

    Lane Cove Council resolved at the October 2022 Council meeting to place the Draft Urban Forest Strategy on public exhibition for 6 weeks. The consultation was open from 3 November 2022 until 19 December 2022.

    The purpose of the strategy is to protect and improve the urban forest of Lane Cove, through effective management and direct engagement with the community. Objectives and actions were compiled from recent aerial image datasets defining existing cover and physical attributes along with community engagement results. This strategy also considers the Councils ability to deliver outcomes with available resources.

    Disability Inclusion Action Plan Recommendation

    The Draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan was developed following a community consultation plan which included engagement with the local community, local businesses, service providers, Councillors and Council staff. Individual and group conversations were conducted by the consultants with Council staff, support services and people with disability living locally. Council Committees were consulted including the Age Friendly Advisory Committee, the Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee and workshops took place with key staff and Councillors between March – August 2022.

    Draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan Summary

    The Disability Inclusion Action Plan has four (4) focus areas that are mandated by the NSW Governments Disability Inclusion Plan 2021 – 2025.  The focus areas are:

    • Attitudes and behaviours
    • Liveable communities
    • Meaningful employment
    • Better systems and processes

    A total of 203 people across the Lane Cove local government area contributed to the development of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.  The information gathered informed the development of the draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan including the accountability framework that Council will use to monitor progress against this plan.

    Soft Plastic Recycling Recommendation

    Since this motion was tabled, Lane Cove Council has reached an agreement with RecycleSmart to pick up soft plastics from your home. From Wednesday 22 February 2023, you’ll be able to book a free Power Pickup for your soft plastics. RecycleSmart will collect it from your doorstep and transport it to the APR Plastics facility in Victoria. The plastics will be shredded, turned into oil and then refined into resin to be used as flexible plastic again. Find out more here.

    Draft Social Media Policy Recommendation

    The purpose of this officer report is to consider a revised Social Media Policy developed in line with the NSW Best Practice Governance Polices.

    The revised policy has incorporated the NSW Office of Local Government (OLG) Model Social Media Policy. It is recommended that Council adopt the revised Policy, subject to community consultation.

    Draft Media Policy Recommendation

    The purpose of this officer report is to consider a Draft Media Policy developed in line with the NSW Best Practice Governance Polices. The Draft Policy incorporates the provisions as outlined in the NSW Office of Local Government (OLG) Model Media Policy.

    It is recommended that Council adopt the Draft Media Policy, subject to the outcomes of community consultation.

    Delivery Program and Operational Plan – 2022/23 Second Quarter Review Recommendation

    2022/23 Budget – Second Quarter Review Recommendation

    Property Crime in the Lane Cove Local Government Area Recommendation

    The North Shore Area Police Command has issued a warning about securing your houses, apartment and cars to avoid theft. Most of the reported crime in Lane Cove is property crime. Approximately 60% of homes broken into in Lane Cove were unlocked, and approximately 65% of vehicles where items had been stolen were also unlocked.

    The Lane Cove Council will discuss ways to avoid property theft at their first 2023 Lane Cove Council Meeting next Thursday. They will discuss an education campaign and anti theft number plate screws.

    How do you think crime can be reduced in the Lane Cove Council Area?
    Read More Here:

    Draft Modern Slavery Prevention Policy Recommendation

    Lane Cove Council has commenced a series of reasonable steps to ensure that goods and services procured by and for the council are not the product of modern slavery within the meaning of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW).

    One of these steps is in the form of a Modern Slavery Prevention Policy, in which this report seeks Council’s endorsement for public exhibition and community consultation before final adoption by Council.

    Officer Reports for Information

    Background to the St Leonards South LEP Site Consolidation Clause Recommendation

    Council Snapshot January 2023 Recommendation   

    Lane Cove Council publishes a snapshot every month which sets out what has been happening over the month, from development applications, parking fines, waste and landfill reduction reports, and reports on upcoming footpath maintenance.

    Below are some of the stats of interest for January 2022.