Lane Cove Local Scott Williams Lightbulbs Moments in History Will Have You Chuckling

    Lane Cove local Scott Williams has written a series of books called Lightbulb Moments in History; they are a lighthearted way to enjoy history and have a chuckle.  We asked Scott a few questions about his books.

    What prompted you to write Lightbulb Moments in History?

    I wanted to give people hope. During the pandemic, it was understandable that people were feeling down and discouraged. Some even believed it might be the end of the world. I thought that looking at history could help us realize that even in tough times, things aren’t as bad as they seem.

    I believed that reading about how society has progressed over the centuries could show people that the world is indeed improving, slowly but surely. Yes, we might encounter setbacks along the way, but we always manage to get back on our feet and keep moving forward.

    Instead of getting too caught up in the doom and gloom, I wanted to remind everyone that we’ve faced worse challenges in the past and have come through them. We can draw strength from that knowledge and face the present difficulties with a bit more humour,  optimism and perspective.

    Why are your Lightbulb Moments in History different to other History Books?

    I’m not just giving the reader a boring timeline of events. In Book One, I’m taking them on a wild ride through the most game-changing ideas in human history, from the time we were hunting mammoths to the glory days of Rome. This book is all about the ‘Eureka!’ moments that changed everything, and I’m telling the story with a fresh perspective, a bit of humor, and a whole lot of irreverence.

    How long did the books take to write and research?

    The first book, Lightbulb Moments in Human History: From Cave to Colosseum took about 18 months the research and write. The second book, From Peasants to Periwigs, took just over a year.

    You have just launched book Two – How many more Lightbulb Moments are there planned?

    Book Two launched on 29 March 2024. Book One takes us from cavemen to the end of the Roman Empire. Book Two runs from the middle ages until the Scientific Revolution. The plan is there will eventually be five books that take us up to the present day.

    As Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says, Lightbulb Moments is “…your chance to learn and enjoy Big History in a slightly ‘deranged’ romp.”

    What’s an historic moment that made you go Wow?

    Some researchers think humans made beer before they made bread! In fact, it’s possible that humans might have invented farming because they needed grain to make beer.

    What do you do when you are not writing – professional and socially?

    Professionally, I’m a primary school teacher on the Lower North Shore. I’m not much of a social butterfly, to be honest. However, I love traveling and am leaving soon for the UK and Europe to research my next book.

    You also like to Podcast – tell us a bit about your Podcast?

    I have one podcast called ‘What’s My Age Again?’ which I do with my old mate CJ. It focuses on life after 50 and why we sometimes don’t feel our age.

    But occasionally, CJ and I just sample craft beers and talk about them… we call these occasional episodes: “What’s My Beer Again?” However, they are really a part of the “What’s My Age Again?” podcast series.

    How long have you lived in Lane Cove?

    I’ve lived in Lane Cove since 2012, after returning to Sydney from a treechange in the Hunter Valley.

    What’s your favorite place for food and drink in Lane Cove?

    For burgers and a beer, I go to the Sunset Diner. Although I’m also known to frequent the Longy!  ITC note:  ITC first met Scott when we bumped into him on a Mad Monday at Chargrill Charlies  (that is the day you get a free salad with a whole chicken).

    What’s your fav coffee place in LC”

    I’m a coffee snob and I like Garcon or the Birdwood Cafe.

    Are the books available from all good book stores?

    The books are mostly available online in Australia, as the Australian distributors are not well-represented in Sydney. The last time I looked there was a copy of Book One still available at the Burns Bay Bookery (on the bottom shelf of the History section!), so maybe if you get in quick!

    There’s also an audiobook of Book One available on Audible and Spotify.

    Lightbulb Moments in Human History Details

    Facebook: @lightbulbmomentshistory
    Instagram: @ightbulb_moments_history

    What’s My Age Again? Podcast



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