Colourful Local Identity – Mitch Gibson Yogabowl

Today’s Colourful Local Identity is Mitch Gibson from Yogabowl.


ITC chose Mitch as a colourful identity because she is a wonderful supporter of community events and one of the most serene people ITC has ever met.

ITC asked Mitch the following:

Why did you start Yogabowl?

I had been a freelance Yoga teacher for a while and my partner suggested I look at getting my own studio or Yoga School.

Why did you choose to open Yogabowl In The Cove?

Lane Cove chose me.  A former colleague of mine (who was then a Lane Cove local – Brenda McCartney) had been running classes at the Longueville Sporting Club.  She was looking to sell her business – I was looking to start one.  So I purchased her database, rebranded and Yogabowl was born in 2005.  Right from the start, I was so pleasantly surprised at the sense of community, kindness and friendliness of the Lane Cove community.  The community welcomed me with open arms.

What is the philosophy behind Yogabowl?

The philosophy behind Yogabowl has always been – “Do – able Yoga for real people like you.”  I have the utmost respect for the traditional yogic teachings.  I also acknowledge that as a generation, our body types and postural issues are nothing like they were hundreds of years ago when Yoga was first created.  I strongly believe in modifying poses and teaching styles where necessary.  Every BODY can do Yoga of some sort.


ITC has always been a bit scared of Yoga – what if ITC passed wind in class?

I know some people have concerns about the pros and cons of Yoga – I don’t think farting is one of them.  Look, occasionally someone will let one slip in class.  However when that happens everyone usually thinks it is the Yoga instructor.  To date, there have not been any recorded deaths due to farting in Yoga classes.

Do you employ locals?

For me, what is important is that the teacher is talented, experienced and caring – regardless of where they live.

What did you do before you started teaching Yoga?

I was a fitness instructor and instructor trainer.  I started teaching in 1984 in legwarmers and Lycra.  I trained instructors both nationally and internationally.  I also spent a few years as an Executive Assistant.  This has given me some valuable skills to run my business.

What is your best relaxation tip?

Learn to prioritize.  Saying No to other people is actually saying Yes to you.  Restorative Yoga is by far the best form of relaxation.


What is the number one benefit of doing Yoga?

It makes you feel good – physically and mentally.

Yoga teachers are always shown as serene and serious  – is that correct or is that just a stereotype?

Most Yoga teachers I know enjoy a good laugh.  We know when to switch the Zen thing on and when to switch it off.  I am just a normal person who loves a laugh and Yoga.

What shops would you like to see in Lane Cove?

I know it is a matter of taste, however I would like to see some really unique clothing and shoe stores, a really good Italian deli or a yum cha restaurant.

What is your vision for Lane Cove?

Cheaper commercial rents to allow more interesting businesses in Lane Cove.  I would love a studio for Yogabowl.  We need to continue the recent growth and diversity in the retail and hospitality business in Lane Cove.  We need a continued sense of community and community based events.

Finally, which celebrity would you like to have in your Yoga class?

George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Oliver Martinez (but they would be too distracting).  Ellen DeGeneres would be fun.  I would like to teach some CEO’s like Gail Kelly, Cameron Clyne or Alan Joyce.  I want the bigwigs to support Corporate Yoga.

Yogabowl is located at the Longueville Bowling (Sporting) Club Corner of River Road West and Kenneth St Longueville NSW 2066

Phone:  0411 155 165


Email: mailto:[email protected]

If you know of anyone ITC should interview or contact please E-mail  [email protected]



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