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ITC chose Jeremy as a colourful identity because Jeremy treats people like ITC and Elite Athletes.  ITC would have been an elite athlete if she could but her “genes” worked against her and she had no sporting talent (but other than that ITC was all set for Olympic Gold)

ITC asked Jeremy the following:

Why did you start Rebalance Your Centre Of Health?

To offer a solution to people suffering chronic pain and a fast recovery from fresh injury.  Sadly too many people are told the reasons for their pain is because they are getting old or don’t stretch enough.  In my opinion this is untrue.    In the majority of cases there is hope for people suffering chronic pain. It is very rewarding work.

What is the philosophy behind Rebalance Your Centre Of Health?

A holistic health centre designed to treat the body as a whole leaving no stone unturned in one’s quest for a pain free body and better health.

Why did you choose Lane Cove to start Rebalance Your Centre Of Health?

There are a few reasons.  When I first started as a practitioner in 1996 I was working with my brother Steve.  He was the one who developed the form of Myotherapy I practice.  He was originally based in Lane Cove.  I also have patients who come from all over Sydney and surrounds and Lane Cove is very central.   I also used to live in Lane Cove and have been connected with the area since I started at St Ignatius College Riverview in 1982.

What is Myotherapy?

Myo comes from the Greek or Latin to mean muscle so in short it means muscle therapy. The approach to treating pain and injury a myotherapist takes is different to conventional therapies in that it focuses on treating the whole body in a holistic way rather than just as a sum of parts. It also takes into account exercise habits, diet and the like.  Did you know back pain could come from a problem in the muscles in the front of the legs?  Or if your pelvis is out of balance because of muscular imbalance walking and running for exercise are very bad.

What did you do before you owned the business?

Before starting work as a Myotherapist in 1996 I was a Town Planner and researcher with the Department of Planning.

You treat numerous elite athletes can you tell us a bit about that?

Working with elite athletes is great because they put so much effort into their sport and training.  It is great to see them reach their goals after working so hard and knowing that you helped them get to where they are or overcome an injury.  It is extremely rewarding. I was fortunate to work and tour with The Wallabies. In 2002, I worked with international soccer stars, Olympic rowers, Olympic runners, Olympic sailors, NRL, and AFL stars, World Champion Boxers and many weekend warriors just to name a few.

You are a strapping lad – what do you do to keep fit?

Not so sure about strapping but my work keeps me fit and I train at the gym when I get the chance.  I also play golf and keep an active lifestyle with my kids.

Did you play elite sport?

Sadly not.  The closest I ever came was when I worked with the Wallabies in 2002 as part of their medical team.  I did get to run on the field during games when I ran water.  Does that count?



How did you become involved with Elite sport? 

Most of my work comes from word of mouth.  Once you do a good job on one Athlete the word gets around.

ITC is not an Elite Sportsperson, but everyday I have a different niggle. What preventative steps should ITC take to keep fit?

The body is like a car. You need to service it at certain intervals before it breaks down. The more you push your body the more often you will probably require some preventative treatment. Too many people don’t do any preventative treatment and are then playing catch up when they get an injury.  A niggle is the first sign that something is wrong.  It may then go away but is often just compensated for elsewhere in the body.  You also need to make sure that you are putting the right fuel in your body by eating well just as you would put the right fuel in your car.   Your exercise program needs to fit your body type and certain muscle imbalances you may have.  If you haven’t exercised for years taking up over 35’s soccer is probably not the greatest thing to jump straight into (note not likely that ITC will take up over 35’s soccer any day soon).

What is your vision for Lane Cove and the Lane Cove Plaza?

In regards to Lane Cove Plaza, I would love to see more restaurants and food outlets.  It would be great if it were a vibrant dining precinct even with a couple of small bars.

On the whole I believe Lane Cove can have population growth without losing its village feel and I would like to see that.  More people bring more successful businesses and less vacant shops. However such growth needs to be sustained and supported by appropriate public infrastructure and facilities such as better parking. Sadly this is often not the case and development just goes ahead.  This is one of the reasons I choose not to continue on the path as a Town Planner.

What other shops would you like to see In the Cove?

I would love to see a juice bar with some fast and healthy lunch alternatives.  A retail sport/exercise shop would be good.

Finally, which celebrity would you like as your patient?

Daniel Craig.  It would probably be my best chance to appear in a James Bond movie.

Now here is the exciting part – you can win a Myotherapy Session with Jeremy and a session with the acupuncture specialist in his practice.  All you have to do is look at this picture of the silver medal below and answer which female 2012 Australian Silver Medallist Olympian (and Lane Cove local) did Jeremy treat?  Put your answer in the comment box below and also like the Rebalance Your Centre of Health facebook page.  Please ensure that you register so we have your email address.  One person will win treatments to the value of $205.00.  We will randomly draw a winner.  This is a game of skill and not chance.




Rebalance Your Centre of Health is located at Shop 15 Level 1 Central Arcade 105 – 109 Longueville Road Lane Cove

Jeremy’s Contact Number is:  0400 600 035

Jeremy’s website is:

Emailmailto:[email protected]









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